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The New Airport In Zagreb Was Named After The First President Of...

We Didn't Get To Appreciate Its Architecture As We Were In Transit...

We Will Probably Have Another Chance To See It If We Fly...



Right from the start we were really concerned about the quick turn-around that would be required when we flew into Zagreb for our connecting flight to Dubrovnik. There was a very short 35 minutes between flights and if we departed Zurich even a few minutes late, we’d be in danger of missing the connection.

In spite of our concerns, we felt it necessary to book a hotel for our first night in Dubrovnik because we would be arriving in the city around midnight, too late to have our AirBnB host meet us to access the apartment we’d booked for a week.

If we missed getting to our hotel, the cost would surely be offset by the fact that the airline would be obligated to put us up for the night in Zagreb.

The stewardess assured us that it wouldn’t be a problem; that we would make our connection, and indeed we did. We were the only two passengers not carrying on into the capital. We were whisked through security and the boarding was in progress when we arrived at the gate. It was a quick 55-minute flight to the Dubrovnik and at last we were arriving at the destination we had been pining over for the past ten years.


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