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Irving the cat

Leila the dog


Avocado Toast


Heading to the Lincoln Tunnel

Entering the Lincoln Tunnel

Lincoln Tunnel

Prison in Lancaster. PA



Shelby and Branden’s apartment is small and is located on the 11th floor. Susan and Julie slept in their bed, Shelby and Branden slept on the sofa and I slept in the closet. Oh yes the closet! It was very cozy. The only problem was the elevator shaft was on the other side of the wall so I heard the elevator go up and down all nite, the dog barked to get in and the cat was in and out all nite!! But I did sleep a little as I was dead tired. We all went out to brunch at a restaurant called “LePain Quotidien” a Bakery and Communal Table. The food was very good and this is where I had my first Avocado Toast! Yummy! Walking or public transportation is the only way to go in NYC. When we told people we drove they thought we were crazy. Most do not even have a car. The cost to park our car at the Apartment was $50 for 24hr so after brunch we had to leave and head out of the city. Again Julie drove, I was the front seat navigator, Susan in the back taking pictures and navigator assistant. We made it out of the city with no errors, driving into New Jersey through the Lincoln Tunnel. Our plan was to drive to Lancaster, PA and spend the night there and the next day look for the Amish. No! That didn’t work as we did not make reservations a head of time and we could not get a room. Finally around 7pm we found a room at a Days Inn outside Carlisle, PA at a cost of $157.00 a nite. Room was ok but was under renovations and in quite a mess. Ate supper at the restaurant next door called “Middlesex”. Food ok.

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