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Getting ready to luge.....



View of Lake Wakatipu from top of mountain

In the marina

End of a great day

Queenstown definitely delivered on all its promise today.

From the ride up the gondola to the luge races at the top of the mountain to the Shotover jet boat ride, our day was a blast. And for what it is worth, the pre-paid lunch at the top of the Skyline Gondola was actually incredible and way better than expected. They had everything from an elaborate cheese section to sushi to soups to roasted chicken. And the view, as you will see from the attached pic, legitimately may be the BEST view I've ever seen.

Highly recommend the KJets for the jet boat ride - lots of 360s and narrow misses as we cruised at 90 kph down the Shotover river. Unless you want to get wet try to sit in any row other than the front or on the edges (which is where I was). Funniest part of the experience is that included in our ticket was an Underwater Observatory at the KJets dock - fortunately, we did not pay separately for it as it was JV - tiny room, couple fish and two eels swimming around with the opportunity to pay $2 NZD to feed them. Needless to say, a waste.

Wrapped up the day with dinner back at the hotel - while the hotel restaurant was nice, they couldn't seat us until 9:30 so ate in the lobby. Average at best.

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