Tom and Pam on a California tour Fall 2016 travel blog


Tom loves these road signs

Through the mountains of northern CA

First view of the ocean

Our home in the woods of Emerald Forest

Lots of Elk - they are a big deal here

Elk in Orick on the way to Crescent City

The Crescent City lighthouse

Across the bay from the Crescent City lighthouse

On the road to Stout Grove

Banana Slug

Tom and the Redwoods

Way up there

They are just so beautiful

Where the Klamath River meets the sea

Our trip from Chico to Trinidad (on Wed, 10-19) was long but so much beauty on the way. My biggest “uh-oh” was not getting a photo of SNOW-COVERED Mt. Shasta. It was beautiful and I thought I would be able to get a photo when we stopped for gas. We stopped and it was GONE. I was so disappointed but Tom said I could get it on our next trip – much happier. For now I have compensated by using a photo taken out the window as we traveled through Weaverville, CA on highway 299.

The road was very windy with several construction delays. The longest delay was 35 minutes, which we didn’t think was too bad – the rest were less than 5 minutes each. Lots of mountain beauty in this part of California. We were excited to see the ocean as we changed roads and headed north. Our home in Trinidad, Ca is quite nice and we are very close to beach access.

On Thursday, my birthday, we decided to head north to Crescent City, CA and the northernmost part of Redwood National Park. This would be the longest driving day of sightseeing and we decided to get it done right away. On the way north we had to stop just south of Orick and had no idea what the delay was until we finally got up to the entrance to and RV park I had considered as our home-base and there were about 30 elk. Tom had to have a photo, or 12, but he kept a fence between the elk and himself. There was of course no fence behind him and a few snuck up on him!!!!!!!!!! He was done taking photos and we were on our way. I had considered staying at this particular RV park because the Elk gather there every morning and evening. But I do a fair amount of research before I make reservations and one of the reviewers pointed out that one morning and evening were quite enjoyable but then it us all about the elk paddies that are left everywhere. That mattered to me at the time and so I made our 5 night reservation in Trinidad :)

We had lots of construction on the road north but no long delays. We headed to Crescent City first so that we could see a little bit of this mid-sized town in the very north of California and to stop at a visitor’s center for the national park. We had a nice walk around the bay and then headed out for Stout Grove. I am going to let the photos speak because there are no words to describe the size and grandeur of this forest. I have included a photo of a Banana Slug because they are big business in terms of tourist souvenirs (glass blown, stained glass, wood, plastic and jewelry) and at least we saw one in the wild. There was a tsunami on the coast in 1964 and warning signs and tsunami references are everywhere.

On the way back to the RV we stopped in Klamath where you can see the river flow right into the sea. I originally planned to stay in Klamath but wanted to be closer to some state beaches and so we ended up at Emerald Forest Cabins and RV. We continued our drive home and part of the trip back through took us through the Prairie Creek portion of the park because it travels through old growth and we did not want to head that far north again but we did not want to miss the view. We will be back to the south end of the drive to visit the BIG TREE on another day.

Friday was very overcast so we ventured south to McKinleyville, Arcata and Eureka. Arcata is the home of Humboldt State University and it has a very old fashioned downtown with lots of local businesses. US 101 goes around Arcata and McKinleyville but the powers that were said “no exits for us” so the highway is right through the deteriorating north business district and then the newer business district and on the mall. The mall has a full blown Walmart that you can enter from the mall or from the outside - we had not seen that before.

I am going to close this entry and will do another since there is just so much.

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