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Grand Canyon wasn’t what I expected. Well, the South Rim anyway. We’ll do the North Rim as we make our way back from Mount Rushmore.

Don’t get me wrong, the scenery is mind-blowingly spectacular. Absolutely beautiful. But, the set-up is all very, very organised. You park your car in a car park and take a shuttle bus along the scenic road. You can get on and off at designated spots.

For me, it was one step away from being a theme park.

Anyway, despite the very organised approach to moving people around, Tamara and I did some short walks along the Hermit’s Rest section. We got to watch rain pouring down in the distance as well as just missing out on a complete drenching ourselves. The band of rain just missed us. And it also gave us an incredible rainbow to witness.

The weather was all mixed. We arrived at the Canyon and took our waterproof jackets, expecting cold weather and rain. In the end, we were walking in full sun, getting quite hot.

Once out of the Canyon Village, it was a bit more ‘free’ where we could drive along and stop at various viewpoints to take photos. That was pretty cool.

We then headed back to Flagstaff. Still didn’t get to see the town, but yet again, got to do some grocery shopping at Walmart.

Oh, and Flagstaff had big thunderstorms and rain overnight both nights.

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