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Travellers Lodge Roof Terrace


Sunset over Malacca

Ahhhhhhh Bless Take 4

Tbags not so little Moth Friend

Chinese Pop Idol

My new blue skirt:)

The 1st city of Malaysia is one for any Historians amongst us:) Apart from that aspect though this is a place you pass through not stay!!! Too hot to sunbathe and too humid to walk about, complete with the coolest shopping centres in the world there really is not much to do here!!! Inspite of this we stayed 3 nights and this was more a factor of us finding by far the best accomodation going (The Travellers Lodge) complete with roof garden terrace, the cutest living area's for TV and music, a balcony, really friendly staff and fab peeps that we hung out with during our stay:) Really can't go on enough about how special this place was, so I won't for a change!!!!

Saturday night is the night to stay and take a wander into China Town, the Chinese here are truly in a class of their own with live performances (Chinese Pop Idol equivalents) dancing line dancers in the street and the temples, one of the largest and cheapest nght markets in Asia and bizarre bar performers who are 100% Chinese but sing and play 80's Western Music (including who the F**k is Alice - and they know all the words - kinda)it really is quite an eventful evening.

Note to all females, don't wear backless tops as you really will send the locals into a state of terror - the more clothes you wear the better, also avoid pervy Chinese men following you around - not that Tbag did anything i might add hehehe:)

Our brush with a 2.50 Rm dinner which is about 30p was not as pleasant as the locals made out, the noodles were cold and the chicken required a magnifying glass to pick out - we actually went out to dinner afterwards for good old fashioned chicken and chips - shame on us!!!!

Paul loved the Tri-shaws renamed by him Chav-shaws, basically the local pikey Malaysians on 3 wheels, covered in bright lights, cheesey music and going off jasmine chains we did avoid taking this over priced tourist attraction - see photos (not exactly a horse and cart ride!!!!

We left for Singapore on May 31st and negotiated a 50cents bus ride to the coach station with the usual stropiness from Paul about his backpack being to heavy - i'm so glad i didn't come away with a girl hehehe:)

Over all Malacca is a one night Saturday stop over @ best but if we could move the lodge to Thailand we'd be looking to buy and stay:)

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