Kat's Vacation to Guatemala and Nicaragua 2015 travel blog

My garden view

Mike pondering his day's activities

Garden flower

The other side of the garden

Amanda and Mike's casita patio

My first breakfast

View from classroom

I love, love, love my little room here in San Pedro. It has a bed with a desk and bathroom with shower - everything you could want or need. The room opens up to a welcoming garden and stairs up to the casita. It's very peaceful, although not quiet. Evenings can be a bit loud with the music in the town, but I have earplugs that work great!

I even had two scorpions visit me a couple of evenings. They startled me but nothing that a broom didn't take care of. It's the first time I have encountered a real scorpion though - I should have taken a picture but I was more concerned with getting them the heck out of my room!

Did I mention that I get a full breakfast every morning?

Mike cooks breakfast in the casita for him and Amanda. They buy fresh eggs at the tienda every night. Their view is breathtaking.

We went to our first day of spanish school and were assigned to our teachers (or visa versa). Our classes are 3 hours per day so that we can venture out to the other pueblos in the afternoon. I was assigned to Roxana who is a bit older than most of the maestras - but just a bit. She's a married woman of 4 years and unlike some of the other teachers speaks pretty good english. We had some real good conversation and I learned what the day's fiesta / holiday was all about. The catholics celebrate the anniversary of the death of San Pedro who was very valienté. It's a week long celebration, but Monday is the official anniversary of his death. Lots of church rituals, music and dancing. San Pablos's death celebration is enero 25. Roxana and I took a walk through the pueblo streets and it was hopping. Since it was a holiday most people were off work. The market, church, and fiesta was in full swing.

I was surprised at how much Roxana shared about San Pedro and San Pablo. Not tipico for a catholic. We were a goof fit. And the best part was that our çlass' was on the top floor so we had an awesome view of the lake. It was a good review and good conversation.

San Pedro was unusually hot and people there were complaining that it hadn't rained for awhile, although this season is supposed to be the rainy season.


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