it's off to Central America travel blog

my bus

on the way




at Chichen Itza

looking out from my balcony






local market



the chicken attack


very good

my room




lots of bikes


just a couple tour buses LOL


motorcycle with aball hitch to pulll a trailer



more of the gardens


untiled 32




Up early a cup of coffee and a couple rolls I get checked out of my room and head to the ADO bus station about a block away, to get on my bus to Chichen Itza it is a first class bus so I have a reserved seat and it is off to one of the 7 wonders of the world and the last one for me to see. A three hour bus ride gets me to the entrance where I get a taxi to take me to my hotel in Piste, I get to hotel at about 12pm but find out there is a time change and it is only 11:00AM but was able to get checked into my room early always nice when traveling, nice room king sized bed with a balcony and a rocking chair. I drop my luggage and it is off to explore my new area, Piste is not a very large town a population of about 6,000 people, and very laid back compared to Cancun, as I am out on my walk I pass a street side restaurant where a lady was cooking chicken on the grill and a piece jump off the grill and tried to attack me so I had to eat it, lol. then it was off to check out the entry for Chichen Itza a walk of about 1km cost is 216 peso to get in and it opens at 8:00 so will be there at that time to go in so now back to hotel where I meet the manger a real friendly lady been in Mexico 40 years originally from Italy, she set up a guided tour for me and another couple from Australia for the next morning. A bit of down time, a swim in the pool a beer while rocking in my chair, then to dinner at the hotel had a great dish of pulled pork cooked in underground pit, wow what a flavor a couple beers and another walk about the town and bed calling it a day. Tomorrow Chichen Itza

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