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It's an early bus to Vancouver, and since the night before ended early this morning, I have taken the precaution of leaving the window wide open and blinds up to allow full sunlight waking power to rain down on me. I am also, (as previously explained) sleeping in my clothes to avoid catching leprosy. The combination of my precautions means that is far easier to get up than I had anticipated, and leaves me at Seattle Station far too early for the bus.

This affords me the opportunity to observe some Seattle cops rousting anyone who looks scruffy, (they are busy, this is Seattle), and the effect is to reinforce the feeling of being near the border. There are several rucksacked 'young people' stopped as I wait (I am of course safe; despite having a rucksack I do not qualify for other reasons). It's entertaining (in a rather schadenfruede-esque sort of way) to see each look of worry/annoyance, give way to looks of relief, as the cops walk off having completed their searches, swiftly followed by the back-slapping 'dude we were sooo nearly busted' conversations, which I cannot hear but can easily imagine.

It seems neat (in an 'organised' sense , rather than a 'hey that's really neat' sense), that one of my last experiences of the 'Land of Freedom' should be similar to my first (at Chicago airport); a pointless and thoroughly ineffectual invavsion of personal liberty in the name of freedom......'sheeyat bubber, we dain't ketch no terrrsts today neither".

The coach trip to Vancouver, passes as smoothly as does the encounter with Canadian Immigration/Customs. I am afforded the proper respect due to a British passport holder, and realising the superiority of our naval power, I allowed free reign by the officials to enter the country. There is however a moment of friction, when I have to 'fess up to being an Immigration Lawyer to the woman stamping my passport, however even this is easily dealt with when I show her a picture of the queen on the sterling I am carrying. God Save the Queen!!

And to Vancouver James, don't spare the horsepower!

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