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Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Historic Marker


Pipes for organ


Convention Center

Savannah Fire Rescue

Water Taxi

River Front

Ocean Ship

City Market

O Roger

City Market Carrige Tours

Steam Locomotive 30

Train Cars being renovated

Segway of Savannah

Candy on Segway

Lady & Son Soul Food Resturant

We have a busy day so we needed to get out early to downtown. We visited the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, built in 1873, one of the places we saw from the outside on the trolley tour. It was well worth the trip to visit inside the Cathedral, we even found a parking spot across the street which is rare in Savannah. As you see from the pictures, it is very beautiful inside with all the statues, high ceiling and ornate figures all thru the church. The one picture shows the pipes for the organ which are in the back of the church, it must be quite a sound when it plays. There are 2,308 pipes that are in a solid white oak case with the console trim in black walnut. The pipe organ was originally built in Georgetown Massachusetts. The Baptismal Font weighs 8,000 pounds of marble and was carved in Carrara, Italy and shipped to the port of Savannah.

Next on our journey was the river front, the city has restored it with several little shops along Bay street, the water front street. Candy and Marsha were off on their way going in all the shops to see what they had, mostly the same thing. Roger and I sat along the river and watched the water taxi go back and forth from our side of the Savannah River to the Convention Center on the other side of the river. We also got to see one of the ocean ships that visit Savannah, they have about 48 ships visit per week in the Savannah harbor. The ship is with the Wallenius Wilhelsen shipping lines based out of Norway and Sweden. Capable of carrying up to 7,600 cars on 13 decks, the ship features as many as six movable decks that can be raised to accommodate high and heavy cargo such as trucks, buses, tractors and bulldozers. Savannah Fire and Rescue have a rescue boat tied up along the wharf for water rescues. An interesting point is the streets that go down to the water front are made up of the ballast rocks that were thrown out of the old sailing ships when they came into the Savannah harbor to load cotton for shipment to Europe. It is an interesting ride down the street, do have open coffee cups, you will have coffee all over the place.

Our next stop was the City Market, 2 blocks sealed off from traffic with several little shops selling items at very high prices. It is worth the stop to see the area, and I caught Roger with his hand in an inappropriate place on MM. We needed to leave there because Candy had an appointment she could not miss.

Segway of Savannah was our next stop so Candy could take a Segway tour of Savannah. She was on her first Segway in San Antonio and really enjoys that little machine. We dropped her off and wished her luck and don’t fall off. Roger, Marsha and I when to the Georgia State Railroad Museum while Candy was riding around the streets on a Segway. We also enjoyed ourselves, got to ride on a steam locomotive that was built in 1913. Learned a lot of history about the railroad in Savannah and see all the train cars they are restoring, they also have the trolley for downtown on Bay street. When it is done, it goes back downtown to the river front.

Our next big stop would be the Lady & Sons Restaurant on Congress St. This is the Paula Deen restaurant in Savannah.

The Lady & Sons restaurant had its humble beginnings back in June 1989 when Paula Deen started The Bag Lady out of her home. The Bag Lady began as a lunch delivery service with Paula's sons, Jamie and Bobby, delivering bag lunches to area business people in their offices around town. As the delivery and catering business grew, The Bag Lady expanded in 1991 into a full service restaurant named The Lady in the Best Western hotel on Savannah's Southside.

The Lady became quite successful over the next several years as the locals who had become familiar faces with The Bag Lady became familiar faces at The Lady. But Paula wanted a new home for The Lady, one in which the ambience matched the style of food. She found the perfect place in the old Sears & Roebuck building in Downtown Savannah on Congress Street and agreed to a long-term lease that needed renovations on just a handshake and a smile.

With The Lady's lease running out at the Best Western in 1995, Paula, Jamie and Bobby relied on the income from The Bag Lady catering business to keep them until the new restaurant opened. After nearly eight months of renovations and being overdrawn on both bank accounts, The Lady & Sons opened its doors Downtown on January 8, 1996. I copied this off the web site so you could read a little history on Paula Deen and her success. The food was nothing special that we felt, but we were there.

That was it for today, time to return back to the motorhome and get ready for our move tomorrow to St. Augustine Florida.

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