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pulling up to the entrance

the museum

the grounds looking towards the track


first car to win the Indy 500

2012 winner of the Indy 500

cars in the museum

Joe taking photos


tour beginning headed into turn 1


on the bus for the tour


the winner's stan

straight away, the finish line of the original bricks when the track...


Joe getting down to the finish line

another look of the finish line


gasoline alley

almost back to the beginning

the hospital

the press room where the 3 winners are interviewed

the press room for TV


a look from the press romm



the official finish line camera shoots down across the finish line

a tour bus full of people down at the finish line

another museum car

a corvette




for our Cummin Diesel engine friends

winner's row

hope you can read this



We toured the Indy 500 racetrack today. We enjoyed the museum and seeing all the cars that ever raced on the track. The tour bus drove us all the way around the track allowing us to get out and "kiss" the finish line which is made up of the original track of bricks. We were taken through the press rooms and down onto the winner's platform. We were driven through the garage area too. It was a terrific tour and we like everyone else said "we had no clue it was so big"! The tour was a great treat for us. Enjoy my photos.

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