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Long day today, Started out in the rain and hit some heavy stuff about 1 hour west, but then the sun was there the rest of the day. From 64F to 79F

Wanted to push to Alberta so we would have a shorter day driving to Idaho tomorrow through the Mountains of British Columbia SE corner. Crossing the Western half of Manitoba and all of Saskatchewan is a LONG LONG drive then to Bow Island Alberta which is west of Medicine Hat about 80km. We could not find a suitable Mom and Pop Motel in Medicine Hat so we drove a little farther. Now at the Bow Island Lodge ( Motel) very clean room double Queen beds at $80. Can.

Local Chinese restaurant in Bow Island was the choice for take out. Chicken Egg Foo Young and beef and pea pods. Rating 1 - 5 is a 3. But is was the only place in Bow. Owners son, Tim Lie,14, nice young man had lots of questions about our trip, he was born here in Bow.I think we covered over 500 miles today and spent 12 hours driving, did not get to meet many new people today

We saw many miles of prarie today and thousands of acres of yellow Canola fields. Thought it was mustard at first. Then wheat then grazing open prarie. No wildlife today except for roadkill, one coyote and several skunks. Crows love that stuff. I may have caught the tail of a shrew or mouse with the right tire, but he was too small to feel a bump, Hope he made it safely to the north side of Rt. 1

Note that McDonalds in Manatoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta do not have UNsweetened Ice Tea, also western Ontario, I did not get to the grocery to get tea and make it while driving.

Cruised around Moose Jaw and had a chicken sandwich at Mickey D's ( not recommended)

and drove around Medicine Hat, Names are cool but the towns are not that different than

American towns. Did not have time to go to the Museum. Also slowed down for Swift Current and Moose Creek. Saskatchewan and Alberta allow you to drive 110kmh on the highway, so we drove 125 to keep the trucks from running over us. Tomorrow is the cool part getting back into the mountains of BC and heading around the top of Glacer Nat. Park

and down to Couer d' Aliene and rest up at Rick and Chars.

Robert Wilson called in today and gave me his address so we will plan on stopping there for a short visit in Everett WA. Looking forward to seeing Bob and Irma again, last time was in 2005 (?) at Rick and Chars place in Medimont, ID.

Go back and look at the photos I added to previous days, they are not for the right days but you can figure them out they are labeld.

Loading todays photos now so will shut up

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