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Massive scary spider in our bathroom!!!

All dolled up for New Years



Jungle dance party - check out our moves!

New friends - See the orange cushions? I found another scorpion behind...

Two In A Bed –The Story of Karen vs the Spider

So our open-air cabina is lovely, two stories with a deck overlooking the ocean, an outdoor shower in the jungle, one large bed downstairs and 2 smaller beds upstairs. At first, we all want to sleep upstairs, but I advise Karen that if she has to use the bathroom at night, she should probably sleep in the downstairs bed as you have to climb a steep ladder to get upstairs. As we get ready for bed, I’m outside trying to find the shut off valve for our leaky outdoor shower. I look up towards the bathroom and see a huge eight-legged shadow on the screen of our bathroom. I don’t panic and decide that the shadow must be larger than the actual creature (which I’ve decided is a spider seeing it has 8 legs). I also realize that it’s on the inside of the bathroom screen and that I am safer outside, however, Karen is inside the small bathroom brushing her teeth and is known to be terrified of spiders. I calmly tell Karen that she might want to get out of the bathroom. She shoots out of that bathroom so fast and then has a good scream when she looks back and sees the creature within. After further investigation, we realize that the spider is actually as big as its shadow and is about the size of an adult hand! Luckily, Stephanie isn’t scared of spiders and shoos it outside. The only catch is that our cabina is open-aired so the spider could re-enter at any point. Karen is so traumatized that she is now scared to sleep alone in her own bed downstairs and needs a bed-mate. So I end up getting the entire upstairs to myself, 1 bed sits empty and Karen and Stephanie sleep downstairs in the queen bed! Its been that way ever since! We also must now do a thorough inspection of the bathroom every night before Karen will use it!

New Years Eve and Caresse vs the Scorpion

As we’re getting ready for the New Years party (yup, we got all dolled up in the jungle) I grab my towel to head down to the shower. All of a sudden there’s an excruciating sting to my hand! I throw down the towel and never do see the critter, but I’m positive it was a scorpion (they like to hide out in clothes and backpacks and you’re supposed to carefully shake things out before just grabbing them). There’s not even the slightest mark on my hand, but the pain is intense and won’t stop. Karen and Stephanie are great – Karen grabs her “go to” pharmacy item (she never leaves home without her Benadryl cream) and then quickly makes me a rum punch. Stephanie bravely searches for the critter.

Its funny the weird things that go through your head in situations like these. How am I going to go to the bathroom if my hand is out of commission? About an hour later, my lips start feeling really tingly and then my hands and arms also start tingling. It’s a cool sensation, but I’m a little worried at this point – wondering if tingling lips means my breathing could also be affected. Once we get to Casa Grande though, I tell Markus I was stung by something and feel all tingly. He’s very calm about the whole thing and says “Oh, you were stung by a scorpion”. He then explains that the very first time you’re stung, you get a nice buzz and feel very tingly and numb and tells me to just enjoy the high! He kind of sells it like it’s a privilege to get stung and almost worth it for the side effects! The rest of New Years is so much fun, we dance, dance and dance some more under the disco ball (so ironic that they have a disco ball out in the jungle) and don’t get to bed until after 4:00 am, just when the howler monkeys start their morning racket! This New Years is definitely going down as one of the best!

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