Summer in New York travel blog

Broome County has this dino as its claim to fame! B.C. cartoon...

terrific view of northern PA

see the trail marker? wet ground though

wow - what a foundation and chimney remnant!

lots of these around - don't step on one1

a smaller foundation with iron remnants lying around - followed old logging...

this was described as a cathedral walkway

interesting - good place for a fireplace and temporary home, don't you...

colorful rock ledges

beaver lodge - wonder if it's active?

a favorite resting place - lots of painted birdhouses on this trail

After a very rainy day, the weather was beautiful and just right for a lengthy hike, so that's what I did! I found 5 of the 8 letterboxes I was looking for and went on trails I wouldn't have thought were trails! The National Forest area right next to the county-run Nature Preserve is very wild and seemingly untouched in parts! Quite challenging but very fun!

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