Route of the Maya travel blog

Volca'n Tolima'n across Lake Atitla'n, early morning

Volca'n Tolima'n - on left, Volca'n San Pedro - on right

The very fresh fruit choices for breakfast

Fellow travelers preparing to zipline

Walking the hanging bridges through the coffee trees



Ripe coffee fruit


A brave group

Coming in for a landing

Sally, ready for takeoff

Here comes Hugh high above the jungle

Walk along Lake Atitla'n on way to a home hosted lunch

A vender joined us

Home hosted lunch in more middle class home


Lake Atitlan from lunch hosted home



Demonstration in local weavers' co-op

Our trip leader, David preparing us of our stop across the lake...

Ceremony in Maximon's House

Maximon's effegy

A Mayan women demonstrating how this headdress is constructed

Some of our group dressed in typical Mayan dress

Women's wash & bathing day at lake edge

Evening sunset haze over Lake Atitla'n

The day started early for us who awoke in time to see the morning sun light up Tolima’n and San Pedro Volcanos and highlight a light mist on Lake Atitla’n. The hotel provided a good breakfast with an abundance of fresh fruit. For those who were adventurous, we were introduced to Zip-lining. After a short bus ride to the Atitla’n Nature Reserve we were decked out in our Zip-line gear. We then walked for 30 minutes through a cloud forest between coffee trees, up and up across hanging bridges by the spider monkeys and a high waterfall. Then for the zip down, with the lake far below and the volcanoes on the horizon and the jungle far below, we zipped from one side of the valley to other. What a start for a day!

Back to the hotel was next to pick up the rest of the party and a ride along the lake to San Antonio Palopo for lunch. OAT trys hard to distribute their business and to do it as far down the chain as possible without undue discomfort to us. For lunch they chose a family home on the lakeshore. We had lunch on a grassy terrace overlooking the lake which was more than satisfactory.

After lunch we boarded a boat for a ride across the lake to Santiago Atitla’n on the flanks of Volca’n Tolima’n. Once again we were immersed in the culture of the Mayan’s. We visited the family that is now caring for Maximon, who was an ancient Mayan Saint, Christianized in order to be accepted by the Catholic Church. For one year a family cares for Maximon’s effigy while the community supports them with food, etc. After a year his effigy moves to another family house. After this visit, we strolled down through the city to the boat dock. We passed women doing their laundry and bathing along the lakeshore as we boated across Lake Atitlan back to our hotel.

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