Mandy and Jon's Journey 2005 travel blog

A room with a view. This is what you get for 10...

We celebrated the 9th anniversary of our first date at this place....

Our first night in Montezuma - happy as pigs in a blanket.

Mandy insisted we put this one up. Jon considers it a bit...

The waterfall at Montezuma. And Mandy.

Two Mandy's is better than one, especially when she's framed by this...

We arrived at ¨Hotel Lys¨by way of an extremely bumpy and a bit treacherous dirt road. The little hotel was a welcoming sight- right on the beach, with a tiny little restaurant out front, strewn with rope hammocks. For $10 bucks each per night, we had found ourselves a steal.

Montezuma is a tiny little village which caters heavily to tourists, so there is not too much culture to be experienced. However, it is charming, with beautiful beaches, and a calm, peaceful manner about it.

On our second day we trek to Cabo Blanco with Dennis and Claire (met them at the ferry terminal in Puntarenas.. Dennis is from Medicine Hat, Canada, eh, and Claire from Ohio, yo) They are a mismatched pair, who also met at the ferry terminal, both looking for travel companions to Montezuma. We started ourselves a little group. Cabo Blanco was the first natural reserve in Costa Rica. We took a four hour hike through the forest- it was enchanting and introduced us well to the jungles of this grand country. While straining our necks to spot wildlife high in the trees (we only spotted monkeys- but they were great!), we trudged through the heat and humidity, all our senses on overload. It was nice to have Claire and Dennis as companions, although an interesting crew we were!

We spent our third day in Montezuma exploring the nearby waterfall and keeping cool in the Pacific, and attempting to plan our next move.

We decided on Samara, a quaint little beach town on the pacific side of the peninsula Nicoya. On the map it seems an easy jaunt, but apparently there are very few passable roads on the peninsula, and in order to get there, we had to back track to Puntarenas, then take another ferry, and two more buses! We left Montezuma at 8 am, and arrived in Samara about 10 pm Friday night. We navigated ourselves fairly well through bus schedules, ferry routes etc. There is a lot of Christmas ¨traffic¨right now, so buses are often full, and people are scurrying about. We have found, as well, that there is no such thing as ¨direct¨bus service. We seem to stop nearly every mile or so for any old fellow waiting for a ride. We stopped at one man´s house along side of the road, and waited for him to gather the rest of his belongings inside! Much less hurried than we are used to in the States.

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