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Shanghai city lights

The private Yu Garden

So today, we started off with buffet breakfast... pronounced buff-et... , followed by briefing.. including basic chinese lessons.

Headed off to the museum.. Ive stuck little stickers on everything I want sent home.... OMG! That stuff is beautiful... It would be my dream home... such beautiful furniture.

Ive got great pix. Also all the buddhas... sorry but you really need to see my photos. These are amazing! It was brilliant... and I only just got to see it at the last minute.. I nearly missed out.

It hasn’t stopped raining here since we arrived... There are millions of motorbikes, scooters and bicycles. They all wear funny raincoats that cover their bikes as well.

We went off to the silk factory... my goodness, you should have seen what they showed us... it was amazing... such fine work... The ladies who work there are amazingly strong. The boys bought a doona. Not expensive, but pure luxury....

I couldn’t afford to buy one... not because of the price but the weight of getting it home... you buggers are costing me a fortune in excess weight!

I wanted the doona covers... for those who have seen my bedroom... they were stunning... but for those who know I now have two kittens.. I’m not thinking pure silk doona covers and two kittens go together harmoniously....

Lunch was at a floating restaurant....another chinese banquet... yes... I said another banquet... its a bit strange... millions of courses come out at the same time... maybe 12 or so... including sweets... its like being at a trough.. you kind of have to quickly stuff yourself. The food is okay, but between you and I ... (our ‘chinese’ is better). Dont get me wrong... lots of it is beautiful but and lots is ordinary..

(Im still sulking that the beer is dull and not cold enough).

Then we went to the Maglev... v fast train... Magnetic Levitation... goes 30k in 7 mins. Top speed of 431k per hour. Only at 431 because it lacks the distance to get to 500kph. The maglev in other direction goes past in about 1 second... a full length train!!!!.

Next ??? private gardens. Cant remember the name... even if I did I wouldn’t know how to spell it.

They were bloody magnificent!!!!!

I have so many photos.

The local guide’s name was Melody. She walked so fast through the market to get to the garden some people went the wrong way and got lost.

Then the melody was lost... Nothing melodious about what happened next.

She lost her temper and screamed at the national guide Jason, who is a really nice placid man. He said nothing!!!. It was really funny.. no language barrier!!! We all knew exactly what was being said although we didn’t understand a word... International language!!!

So the gardens were well worth the wait... they were just amazing. 6 elements apparently to a garden... I could have lived there...

(Melody took a while to calm down)

She told us a story about how the English told the chinese they didn’t know how to pleasure themselves... Kevin and I found that quite amusing. Her enunciation was very funny.. as she was searching for words she sort of broke sentences in funny places... eg: talking out of your bottom (of your heart)...and skyscratchers... having said that... her engrish is better than my chinese.

There was lots and lots of funny stuff. When that happens Kevin and I definitely shouldn’t sit together because we just crack up. Cheap smutty word plays.

We had about 15 minutes in torrential rain for shopping in the market, another banquet and home. We are definitely ready for a big sleep!

So far we’ve seen 2 other Wendy Wu groups. We think there are heaps here.

Off to Beijing in the morning.

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