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Teton Mountain Range from a plain to the east of the range.

A Blue Heron feeding in a marsh next to Jackson Lake.

A doe deer brousing on vegitation close to our site in the...

Mount Moran across Jackson Lake close to campsite.

Cow moose and her calf curious about a howling sound a kid...

Sunsetting through the clouds above the Teton Mountains.

Many glaciers form on the upper peaks of the Grand Teton Range.

The Snake River flows through the park.

Clean pure Snake River water close to it's source.

A flyfisherman enjoying the slack water along the Snake River.

The stark contrasting beauty of the earth and sky in the high...

Another contrast of color and terrain.

A closeup of the glacial alpine valleys of the Teton's.

One of the large glaciers flowing down the moutains.

One of the beautiful alpine lakes formed at the base of the...

A rear opportunity to see a grizzly bear feeding on a carcus.

One of our favorite views of the Grand Teton Range across the...

A moose enjoying the greenery along the river bank.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have you ever been in a place where you can look out over the earth and see what beauty God has provided for our eyes to see? One such place is the Teton Range in Grand Teton National Park. Formed by the separations of two tectonic plates (the Teton Fault) in the earth that pushed against one another causing massive earth quakes. With the upward movement of the western plate while the eastern plate sank forming one of the newest mountain ranges in North America. The floor of the valley was sculpted by massive glaciers form the Yellowstone Valley while the alpine glaciers formed the jagged mountain peaks. It’s mountain beauty is unequaled anywhere in the lower 48. Looking out across Jackson Lake at some of the mountain range can make your jaw drop as if you were looking at some wonderland out of a movie. The beauty is awe inspiring. Your heart jumps and you give thanks to God for allowing you to see such beautiful scenery on earth. You can only begin to imagine what God has waiting for us in Heaven.

We arrived in the Jackson Hole Valley at the Grand Teton National Park on Friday afternoon. We were assigned a great RV site located very close to Jackson Lake in the Colter Bay Village RV Park. We can easily walk to the lake and view those beautiful mountains across the other side. We had great weather to get set-up on the first day and take a walk around the area. We walked into the village where they have all kinds of park buildings providing tourist stuff. Grocery store, trading post (really spendy stuff), restaurant, hotel, laundry, marina, etc... So far we have met people from across the country and the world. We met family from Spain with a dad from Germany and mom from Spain with two children. They were real interested in April and May. Today (Saturday) we met a couple from France and an oriental family from Miami. Our girls are real people magnets in these places. Of course the girls eat it up. All of the “Oh how pretties”, scratches, and pets. Unfortunately May is getting more and more infirm. She just doesn’t have the stamina to walk very far anymore. She paid the price for yesterdays walk and didn’t want to walk at all this morning. We let her stay in camp to rest while the rest of us went on a short walk. This evening she felt better and we took a short walk just around in the campground. It is hard having a pet in decline after being a part of your family for 11 years. April is still very active but slowing down some too. Who isn’t..

Tonight it is raining. We are in our nice little warm cabin (RV) and listening to music on the radio. We have April and May laying in the living room snoozing while I write and Rita sews. No TV up here for the week. Too many trees for satellite reception, locals out of range and no cable. I guess we will have to survive entertaining ourselves. We do barely get cell service. However I don’t know if it is enough to get this part of my journal out before we move to our next stop. With all of that, it is well worth it to be here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yesterday, Sunday, we spent the day exploring around Colter Bay Village area by foot. Like 99% of the tourists we are always looking for wildlife while viewing those beautiful mountains and meadows. You can always tell when something interesting is present by the large crowd of people with cameras who congregate. Most of them have since enough to stay a good distance from whatever they are watching. So far we have observed Blue Heron, Doe, Moose and calf, Elk, Buffalo, Pronghorn Antelope, and a Grizzly Bear in the park. Today, Monday, we took a drive along the road that leads down the valley next to the lakes to the village of Moose at the South end of the park. There were lots of places to turn out and take pictures and I took advantage of them. It was a beautiful day today as opposed to yesterday and the day before when it was cold and viewing of the mountains was limited by the heavy rain / snow clouds. Again we saw some spectacular scenery and I hope that I can share some of it in this journal. Of course I will only be able to show a limited number of photos at a time because of many factors. One of the most important is the long time it takes to upload the pictures to the web site. I found that by cutting the MP size of the photos made it much quicker to upload them. But of course you pay by the quality of the picture too. Not quite as sharp with a small size. The day after tomorrow we will continue our stop here with a side trip into Yellowstone National Park. Hopefully we will see more wildlife as well as more spectacular scenery.

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