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My fourth try at capturing the Gateway Arch in St Louis from...

The trip to Richmond began at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday. Sam and I adhered to a strict rotation to make the countless hours of driving more palatable. We're proud to say that we left Winter Park (an hour and a half west of Denver) and arrived at a lovely rest area outside of Mt Vernon, Illinois, after a solid 16 hour drive. We did make one fantastic Let's Go motivated stop in Kansas City to get "the best ribs in the country" at Arthur Bryant's. The place was pretty cool: it had a fast food queue and served up nothing but ribs, BBQ sandwiches, baked beans and pickles. The ribs were served by the pound, so Sam and I had to ask somebody at the counter what was right for two people. I think it's actually better not to think of the amount of meat one consumes in pounds. It's much easier to contemplate the "little bit" of meat you ate rather than the 1.32 pounds of meat you ate. Hmmmm. Any which way, we got a full slab of ribs that were served on a tray, no plate. Just the act of carrying the tray to the table got me covered in BBQ sauce, and our hands and faces weren't clean until an hour or so later.

Kansas was as beautiful to cross as Missouri was terrible. Wide open plains, 75 mph speed limit (roughly translated as 80 mph), and no traffic were replaced by aggresive assholes and mile after mile of strip mall. Lovely. We went to bed with the ambient temperature at 25 degrees, and still were very comfortable all night long. Woo hoo.

The next day we drove another ten hours and arrived at our friends Jim and Pam Brice's house around 10:30. These two used to live in Seattle, and I must say that the drive to visit is now a touch longer. I think our hopes of meeting at our house or their house once a month may have been a bit optimistic!

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