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If the amount of banannas were right, the elephant was up 4...


Pai was proberly the hardest place to get to interms of the transprt, god it was horrible, to say the 'bus' was a chicken van is an understatment. it took us 4 hours, i felt like death anyway, we couldn't sleep because we were being thrown around everywhere, the seats were so hard our arse's were crying and the only good thing really was for claire...leg room, obviouslyi dont have the luxury of having stupmy legs, so my legs were up by my ears!

HORRIBLE but worth it!!!

The best way of describing Pai is a very small town in the middle of a massive jungle. The views ( when the smoke from the paddy fields) and smog cleared were very nice, although unfortuatly that didnt happen to offen.

The best way to explore it is on mopeds, it costs about 2 pounds for 24 hours, we just rexed it around everywhere which was good fun.

The first night tho i was feeling really poorley ( coincedently claire is suffering from it now aswell!) just a reall really bad cold, so i put loads of clothes on and sat in the room and sweated till i practically ran out, pritty much did the job!!!

As nice as Pai was, you could only stay there for a couple of days, we were going to meet a gal called Biere back in Chiang Mai so we could catch the Train back to bangkok, so we left earlier on a more comfitable bus back.

We are now on our way to Kanchanaburi.

Nick & Calire

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