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Hey just cos we are backpacking, it doesn't mean we can't go...

This was on top of a sand blast at rainbow beach ......

The Country Bumpkins become star in the remake of 'Quadraphenia'

If you look carefully you can see the wheel mark on this...

So Shelley how do you rate this cow boy !

Nice wet patch Shelley Bell ! ... The hats highlight yet another...

Don't be shy ... Give him a kiss !

We are cold and wet .. But we are still smiling. The...

And wot you should be wondering is WOT IS UNDER OUR MACS...

Courtney this one is for you .. Your favourite person, looking good...

A wet Hamilton Island ... Ten bucks to the 1st person who...

The Crew .. On our end of trip bash .. Note the...

Magnetic Island with Mosquitos that took pleasure in munching us for two...

Mission Beach ... Beware of the Croc's and the Stingers !

Shelleys Mum .. She is at it again ... I despair, but...

So you found the snake Shelley .. Lets just hurry up and...

Hello Peeps

Well we have done so much, now where to start.

Ok, we found ourselves in a little town called 1770 ( Named by Captain Cook), stayed in a Hippy Youth Hostel called Cool Bananas. We arrived early morning and by midday we were sat in a four wheel drive, with a wacky driver called 'Roy' ... Who took us for a spin around 1770, including some off roading to the beaches ( Scary experience, included the Landy almost on its side... )

Now Roy just happens to own a whole heap of scooters and so we thought, 'Hey why not .. Lets give it a go.' Well Shelley just said to say that I was Crap .. But I feel I need to clarify this further for you. I was nervous and didn't think I was too close to the bikes lined up like sardines on the left handside. .. Its ok , I know what you are thinking .. I didn't hit them .. But it was close ! Roy then suggested that we take separate scooters rather than share one.

The ride around 1770 was great fun, we saw our first deadly snake .. Which happened to be mighty angry as Roy had just run it over ( By accident.. so he said). ! At sunset we headed to this fab pub overlooking the harbour and sat eating potato wedges .. No beer I am afraid .. we stuck with the soft drinks, safer option. Then we drove home in the dark and all that could be heard was the hooters of our scooters ! Great FUN !

Next stop Dingo ... Cow Boy country .. Yeah Shelley Bell came out of her alcohol drout for this one. ( Could have something to do with the cowboys). Anyway, the night started off well, because Shelley Bell had a shower in the company of ( No not a cowboy ) a FROG. Did we laugh . ! Anyway, I thought she ought to kiss it .. see what happens, may just turn into something quite special, but she refused. SPOIL SPORT.

We headed to the bar in good spirits and arrived just in time for the drinking games, Shelley bumped into a young chap called George Hilton - Jones that she knows, from back home on the farm. ! Small world !

We are proud to announce that one of the drinking games we actually WON ... it apparently is a game that the farmers use, when they go to market, when they get bored. Anyway, the game prooved that we don't have riders thighs for nothing. ( The opposition tried to put us off, by throwing water over us .. So look out for Shelley's wet patch in the photos .. she hasn't really wet herself .. HONEST!)

After a line dancing, tug of war .. ( Which we won .. We are so good), we proceeded to drink Tequilla and dance on the tables and guess what came out ? Yes those beloved hats of ours. We have deffinately had our moneys worth out of those babies. !

Next stop Whitsunday Islands .. Well we are lost for words .. Seriously we are ... It hasn't stopped raining here. We have never seen rain like it before ! Its just constant.

Saturday morning we troop of with our little rucksacks with MINIMAL clothing inside and head off to the harbour to meet our boat .. 'The Ragamuffin II'. The skipper explains that the rain is set in for the next three days and that a stop to Hamilton Island will be required on Sunday.

So we set off, Shelley Bell took her sea sickness tables .. So no pucking for her. ! The boat, the people, the food, the crew were all FAB... (Specially Clarky,Courtney, Paddy & Jeff) But the weather .. WAS BAD. We have just spent the past three days and two nights resembling drowned RATS.

As we like to make the best of everything, on Sunday at Hamilton Island we all headed off for some TLC. This included a swim in the Pool ( IN THE POURING RAIN), a SAUNA and A SPA. We almost had to swim back to our boat, as by now there was a serious amount of water everywhere.

Next came the evening .. You have to understand, that by just stepping foot outside the boat you were soaked. So to go to the Sailing Club, we decided minimal clothing was necassary. ! Bikinis on, make up, YELLOW MAC'S and THONGS applied... we were ready for a BIG night out on Hamilton Island. !

We were on the search for Millionaires ( Said with a Delboy twang) ... however, every other backpacker boat seemed to have the same idea .. So instead Millionaires we had more backpackers all in YELLOW MAC's ! We keep bumping into people that we have met previously, which is always good ! )

Now the walk home, we guess would be the high light of the whole evening .. It consisted of the biggest MUD fight you have ever seen. A five minute walk back to the boat, somehow turned into a good hour. We were so wet, cold and had grass and mud all over us, that a shower was required. ! ( No frogs this time though .. Poor Shelley Bell).

We left Hamilton Island early this morning and the wind was starting to get up, by this afternoon Gail force winds are due in .. The swell was about 1 metre this morning and was due to get to 3.5 metres this afternoon. We were pleased to get to dry land ... ( Rephrase WET LAND).

Early morning we left Airlie Beach and hopped back on the bus, next stop Magnetic

Island. A ferry crossing later, we had dumped our backpacks and we were chilling out

by the pool. Which is where we stayed for two whole days .. Remember we have our tans

to think about, it was raining at Airlie remember !

We have arrived in Cairns now, with only two days left till we leave Australia. How

did that happen ? Enroute to Cairns we called in at a crocodile farm and ordered our

Croc skin handbags, Cowboy boots and Stetsons. Shelley Bell assists a young Man with the removal of a Python from his trousers. We met the biggest Croc in the world called Gregory, he was as fat as a house !

So thats it folks, no more Oz Experience bus .. Its all over from here, so of course

we had to head out last night and drown our sorrows. ! We got home at 8.00am this

morning. ' Hey we got lost enroute from the pub, and it took us hours to find our

Youth Hostel ! '

You know whats coming next ...

Look out New Zealand, lock away your tall, dark, handsome VETS & (Cowboys - Shelley) cos we are coming to find you. !

Loads of Luv from HER AND ME.



Shelley says more messages required from everyone .. We are feeling unloved. !

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