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060808 - Got up early hoping to beat our 0710 record to get on the road. I made pancake batter and Neil cooked them for the crew. I packed the car. We made it out at 0700 with our target destination The Petrified National Forest in Arizona.

Before leaving the Grand Canyon Park we stopped to have an unplanned snow ball fight. We all lost and wound up a bit wet for the remainder of the trip. However, it was fun to play in the snow.

On the way we stopped on the Colorado River. We enjoyed walking over the first bridge and learning the history of the river crossing techniques. We were happy that we had a bridge to drive over.

We drove through the Navajo Indian reservation and enjoyed the landscape. We searched for dead rattlesnakes on the side of the road, but failed in our mission to secure a rattle for the boys.

We arrived at our campsite in Holbrook at about 3PM, setup the tent, and then jumped back on the road towards the National Park. We had a blast hiking some short trails through the Petrified Forest and took many pictures. Keane was determined to pickup a souvenir which was against park rules. We were successful at preventing him from removing protected rocks from the park.

While at the Park store the boys each purchased a Geode. We hope to open these in Maine if I can secure the necessary tools. I am sure that Grandpa won’t mind us putting a carbide blade on his table saw to cut rocks………well not that sure. Worst case we will work with a maul and rock chisel. We will probably find plain sand inside rather than vibrant crystals. We will keep you posted on our discovery.

While at the Museum in the Park, Neil noted that they had samples of petrified wood from every state but Maine. He asked the ranger why they were missing Maine. She indicated that the sample had arrived after they had completed and sealed the display case. Neil strongly suggested that they build a separate display case and put the rock from Maine on display. After all it was from his family’s home town of Kennebunk.

Upon our return we stopped at the Petrified Wood Company store in Holbrook. The kids enjoyed making their selections of a petrified wood souvenir to take back to Hawaii. In the back yard we saw about 20 cubic yards of Geodes which had been imported from Mexico. Looked like a pile of petrified eggs. Looks like they are not that scarce after all.

Nothing like picking up a bucket of rocks to carry all the way to Maine. We are testing the weight limits of the Toyota Prius. I will let readers know if we succeed in breaking the car in half. We did have a full 30 minutes on the trip today where gas mileage was more than 100 MPG (while coasting from 8000 to 3000 feet near the Colorado River).

Writing this with the boys sitting in the front seat of the car while drawing power off of the car aux connection. Time for bed. Bad driving day tomorrow as we cross New Mexico and most of Texas.

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