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KL Petronis twin towers

Batu Caves (15 km out of KL)

fish spa- spread your toes for a thorough clean

We arrived in KL on Sunday, the aiport is quite a drive out of the city. It is very hot around 4o degrees most days and humid! Lots of tall buildings and mad traffic. Only one person instead of 3- 4/scooter and wearing helmets! Getting around is a bit of a challenge but we are getting used to the 4 different rail systems.

Monday- took a local bus cost 67c to go the 15 km out of town, to the Batu Caves lots of Hindu statues in massive caverns with some garish intricate painted statues and frescoes.

Tuesday-Checked out KL tower and Petronis Twin Towers. Over 400m high with viewing around 260 m up! Todays highlight for me was the Fish Spa Therapy. You pay a fee to have mass numbers of small Dr Fish nibble (exfoliate)the dead skin from your feet. Felt like a strange tingle- very relaxing in a bizarre kind of way!

For the very brave here is the blurb on the full body version."Allow our Doctor Fish to surround your whole body and industriously, yet gently exfoliate stubborn and unreachable dead skin layers on your body, all in the privacy of your own VIP room."

Sounds inviting eh??? All a bit much, I'll stick to feet I think.

Off to Phuket next for a bit of resort relaxation!

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