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It's Gaelic! You can pronounce it any way you want to. The towns down the coast are nothing too exciting but the scenery is absolutly incredable. The hours behind the wheel make you a little looney so you'll find your self in stiches for hours laughing at town names like Shag point and Nugget cove. I also have found that the Kabob's seem to get tastier the farther south you go and have moved my dayly quota up to 2. Took a quick tour of the Speight's brewry and they made the mistake of letter us have free range of the keg taps in the tasting room. It was all fun and games untill the apricot ale found it's way into my pint. "Don't fruit the beer." Moving on.


Dunedin is typically the main college town in New Zealand but since school was on summer break the town was dead. We drove out to the peninsula outside of town and saw a small castle which we wrote off as an expensive lunch. Only news to note is that the drive down got me acclimated to driving on the wrong side of the road, with one exception. The turn signals and windsheil wipers are reversed so everytime i make a turn the windshield wipers tend to go off in stead of the turn signal. Frustrating but a good laugh. Looking forward to getting out of here and into more of the nature side that the South Island is known for.

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