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Krabi river

View over Krabi from my hotel room

Lime-stone cliffs at Railey beach

Not only tourists are here, also monkeys

Pranang beach. Maybe the finest beach at Railey

Long-tail boat at Railey East

Than Bokkarani National park

Moore from Than Bokkarani

Than Bokkarani

Than Bokkarani

Mangrove forest

Limestone cave

Floating fish farm

Hedgehog look alike

Stairways to heaven. Totally 1237 steps. I must admit that I gave...

Tiger Cave temple

This photo I took at the karaoke bar

This and following photos are all taken by different persons








Ao Dalan beach

Ao Dalan beach again

More Ao Dalan beach

Ao Ton Sai beach

After the tsunami

Diving tours - Big business here

28 January

I left Bangkok at noon and arrived to Krabi in late afternoon.

29 January

Took a 40 minutes boat-ride with a long-tail boat out to Railey Beach. Compare with, how it was 18 years ago at Railey beach and now. That the place have changed, was I fully aware about. But, so much. What once was an area, full of local and homemade entrepreneurs has now been taken over by big resorts and a non-paying guest like me are not accepted to the area. I was shown to special path ways between the beaches. It was much better before. The beaches, mountains and the whole surrounding's are still so nice and beautiful as I remember it. But with this resorts the whole backpacker feeling are completely gone. This resorts give me the same feeling and charm as the tax-free area at the Souvarnabhumi Airport. Here I probably never go again.

30 January

Today I have been doing some eco-tourism. I traveled about 40-50 km north of Krabi. I spend the afternoon at Than Bokkarani National Park. Walked around a 2 km round-trip in a jungle with many small waterfalls.

31 January

An other day with some eco-tourism. This time I explored the mangrove forest and some limestone caves along the Krabi river. I also visited a fish farm. I was shown som odd fish species. Finally I visited the Tiger Cave temple, builded inside a limestone cave.

Later in the evening a couple of Norwegians draged me into a karaoke bar. Very much a thai spot. I took just one photo in there. After that, my camera became very popular among people and was circulated a lot. I shaw a selection of those photos, which I have not taken.

1 February

Day tour to Phi Phi Island. Compare with, when I visited Phi Phi 18 years ago and now. Of course the whole Island have changed. The Ton Sai village as I remember it, was a village built of bamboo, has now concrete buildings. The resorts and bungalow areas are updated. After all it was not that bad as I expected.


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