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Legermuseum in Delft

Karen in uniform

One of many outside cafes in Delft

The annual carnival setting up for fun & entertainment

View of Delft City Center from Simon's home

Another quaint little street

The authentic Dutch apple pie I had this afternoon

Those darn tourists!

A nice stroll in back of the City Hall

Have I mentioned the biking in Delft?

Our Trip to IKEA

Goede Avond!

We spent the day in Delft again because I am now wanting to be very budget-conscious knowing that we have yet to visit Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris. Simon suggested a few activities in and outside of Delft but I wasn't too keen on the admission fees we'd have to pay. So, I explained that I would be content to continue on here in Delft. After all, tomorrow we go to Cologne for the day, then return and go to Paris for the four days. It's a vacation! A little R & R is part of it anyway. (My feet are getting tired).

We did go to Ikea today. I really enjoyed looking at all of the furniture and accessories. The prices seem really reasonable. The store has been in the area for over 20 years and has expanded several times. It's huge and still expanding. We ate Swedish meatballs there for an early lunch. Cool place.

Later we visited the Army Museum, called the Legermuseum. The admission was free (one of Simon's connections again). = ). Military and guns aren't normally my thing, but viewing all of these old pieces was interesting. The museum is, of course, from the Dutch perspective, so it was interesting to see the filmed re-enactments, look at paintings, photos, etc. depicting the Dutch people at war. Poor Holland. So many attacks against them over history. They seemed to be constantly at battle for awhile. Good wins and losses, but such is war. War...there's absolutely nothing new about it, I guess. Got to practice a little of my newly-learned Dutch with one of Simon's ex-colleague there. A fun time with lots of laughter.

We left there and did what a lot chose to do today...stroll around the City Center. We stopped to shop for some more souvenirs and for another bite to eat (just dessert this time). The Dutch do love to eat as well as we Americans. I guess it's going to be the French that eat so little. We'll see.

So, we've got an early rise tomorrow. We've got to be at the train station by 7:00 am. I'm looking forward to the Cologne experience. Simon says the Dutch like to go to Germany for shopping. I asked what does Germany have that's not already here? He answered that German items are considered more exquisite and a better quality. We won't be doing a lot of shopping, but a lot of sight-seeing is on the agenda.

I'm looking forward to the visit.

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