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German countryside

Wednesday 5th September 2007 Weather:-Overcast/sunny 17 degrees

There was sadness in my heart last night as we said goodbye to Tante Ellie, knowing that we most probably will not meet again. She has been a constant in Hermans' life; the families always kept in touch. On the other hand there was great joy this morning when we said goodbye to Lisette and Peter, we have had such a fun time with them, lots of laughter and joviality. We had great hugs and with a "if you go to Southern France in 2 years time, we will meet you there". That gives us another bit of incentive to make it come to pass (as if I needed it).

There are road works everywhere so in order not to confuse Tom-Tom, Peter led us to the outskirts of Venlo, with a backward wave we were on the road again. At first we were back among the market gardens growing lots of leeks and more corn. Then came the apple and pear orchards-the trees not being above 2 meters for better harvesting. Slowly the country side started to get hilly and forests appeared, some of them pine forests for wood I expect.

Our first stop was Maastricht as we wanted to see the town square (The Vrijthoff). We enjoy watching Andre Rieu's concerts quite often on DVD at night. So as we were so close we wanted to have seen it with our own eyes; it does not disappoint, all the little sidewalk cafe's were full of people and it does not take much imagination to see a concert in full flight. Getting there was very easy as Tom-Tom did not miss a beat and Peter had told us there was parking underneath the square. A quick look around and a stretch of the legs and onward we soldier.

Another new experience;

Just out of Koblenz we stopped off for a delicious plate of soup for lunch, we are finding that nice homemade style soups are readily available. A toilet stop was also in order. It was a bit of a surprise to have to pay Eu.50 (Au 83 cents) for the experience. There was no apparent button or lever for flushing so after pushing all the different surfaces on the wall it finally flushed and to my amazement the toilet seat started to turn in a clockwise manner the whole time the surface of the toilet seat was being washed and automatically dryed. It was worth twice the price for the experience (and the hygiene)

As we entered deeper into Germany the hills started to get higher and every now and then we can see a little town in the Valleys. Driving along the freeways we are not seeing as much of the scenery as we want for everywhere where there are good views it is blocked off with some nice hoarding. It is in effort to keep the tourists on the road I expect, rather than let them lose concentration because of the view. The traffic moves at a considerable pace of 130kl an hour and in most places we have encountered road works but there have been no holdups. When we have to change from one major road onto another it is all done in big circles with on ramps and off ramps.

We are a little disappointed in my choice of motel tonight as we are too far out of town in an industrial area and after our little trip into Mannheim this evening to find an internet cafe and an evening meal we have decided to move on. This time though we will just slowly meander along the River Rhine, between Mannheim and onto Basel, crossing from one side of the river to the other enjoying the beautiful picture postcard scenery that we know is there.

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