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One of the many "attractive" buildings in Hollywood

The CNN building in downtown Hollywood, taken from Hollywood Boulevard

Classic Americana - the newspaper vending machine!

One of the stars on the Hollywood walk of fame... who is...

It was so difficult finding the Hollywood sign... it's miles from Hollywood!...

We know it's really blurry but it shows that we were there!!!!

The beach down at Santa Monica... We don't remember it being that...

Our yayey silver Mazda 6 - isn't she great??!

Inside the Santa Barbara Tourist Hostel

So in the morning we dicided to get around LA as fast as possible then get out - It's really not a very nice place at all - plus the jet lag hit us straight in the face!

We jumped in the car and headed into Hollywood. We've got photos of the HOLLYWOOD sign and also the Hollywood walk of fame with all the stars in the pavemment. If we may say so, Hollywood is very cheesy and very sleazy.

We then got down to Santa Monica which is on the pacific coast. This was literally the first time we had stopped in days! We stopped for about an hour then moved on to Santa Barbera up the US 101 Highway. Traffic in the states is crazy, but the speed limits are a little low for Gareth's liking!!! 65mph tops, but most of the time it's 45 or 50 mph.

We got to Santa Barbara and we are staying at "Santa Barbara Tourist Hostel". This place is great! We've found just the what we've been looking for. It's cheap, clean and great fun. A Brit runs it...

The weather here is through the roof! It's about 80F or 28C. But it's very stuffy and polluted with no wind. We've splapped on the Factor 40 so should be ok. It's 4pm here so 1am back home - we're very tired!! Gotta go, running out of money. Phone calls are very difficult to do out here... so check emails over the next two weeks...

Lots of Love G and Helen x

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