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The Heck's RV stuck in the muck, in front of an Adult...

It took two Jeeps to pull the RV free

Much nicer spot than in front of the Adult Video Store

The Mexican restaurant where we ate

Our entertainment at the Mexican Restaurant

Bonnie - Bad Hair Day

Linda's new 'cussword' - BRIDGE

Today, 5/11, David and I pulled out at 5 AM. David said we had to hurry to San Antonio to have the windshield leak fixed. We went to Iron Horse RV and have never been treated so well by RV repairmen. When David went in to let them know we were there, a total of five people came out to check the windshield and check the seals on the bedroom slide. Finally, the owner came out, agreed with his technicians that with the windshield being one piece they could not take it out and repair it. The seal and the head lining were not in correctly, or the windshield itself could have been slightly out of whack when it was cut. So, they sealed the windshield, the owner's son took pictures of the cock-eyed windshield and he faxed it to Monaco with a description. As for the slide, the seal on one side is 'torn up' and it may need to be refitted. We were told to take Max to Oregon to the Monaco factory for complete warranty repairs.

A call to Connie and Ron and we learned they went 60 miles out of their way as they listened to 'Biddy', the infamous GPS system. We went ahead to an RV Park Ron told us about that was under Passport America. When David called them to assure reservations, he was told to come on in and pick out the dryest site - they had all been 'pretty wet' due to the heavy rains.

We turned at the right road going in to the RV Park. Then, at a fork in the dirt road we went to the right, on the one most traveled. We ended up in a concrete dump. Turned around and headed back to the main road. We stopped and called our travel partners to warn them we were going to have to find another campground as that one was too muddy to take the motorhomes in. Connie answered the phone - with the information that they had missed the road into the campground so had attempted to turn around in the parking lot of the business just beyond the campground road and Got Stuck in the mud. The business??? It was an Adult Video Store. David went up the road to help them get unstuck and it took two Jeeps to pull the motor home out of the mud. We are just sorry we didn't get a picture of Connie in front of that Adult Video store!

I went on the internet and found a very nice campground right in San Antonio. David called and here we are. None of us had a very pleasant day...except Tyler and Bonnie - they slept through the whole thing. Sadie was a little nervous though. For a treat we ate dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Guadalahara. Very little English spoken, there was a Spanish/Mexican guitar player who sang for us so I could take video of his performance. Food was so good we plan to have breakfast there tomorrow.

I talked with Tara, a good friend of Kyle's from way back. She is married to 'Shredder' (Juan) Valdez, and they have a son, Johnny (JT). We plan to meet up with them tomorrow. It has been a couple of years since David and I have seen Tara and we are looking forward to it. There is a long-ago story attached to how we met Tara - suffice it to say, we really like and enjoy her!

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