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telstra Stadium

French getting into the game!


Ozi rules match-awesome but no skill lol

Vic n Brad

Now we all know i love me hats!

Final score- Soooo close!

Steve asleep in botanics-awww

French and Moi Botanics

Frenchie Botanics

Jay on his 21st

Jay looking pretty lol

Me N Grace

Anth, french, Matt

Da boys

Frenchie n Cory

Me n Steve

Me n Jay

Me n Luke

Me n Vic

Drunken Jay

Luke n French

Random Guy in Frenchies bed- see frenchies last entry

My Whitsundays buddy wooo

The best pic of steve EVER! lol

Steve and Luke last night in sydney

Vic n Jay last night syd

Me n Jay last night syd

Me n Vic Last night syd

Miss you guys!

The gang

Me n Jays mate from home chris

Bye bye Mike

The boys

Me n Stevie

Drunken goodbyes

One more for the road...

So we have finally left Cairns after a heavy and emotional couple fo last nights. I wont go into the details of Jays birthday as french has said about it all but it was an amazing night!! The Ozi rules footie match was pretty awesome too!! Vic and I are now strong supporters of the Sydney Swans lol, such a good night too. Our very last night in sydney was a bit of a sad one and quite somber really. Im now in Cairns and the guys have started their road trip and vic is in Melbourne. Luke and Boro Dave are in Coffs harbour and Tiff is in Brisbane so we are all separated for the min, we will be meeting up again in a couple of weeks for more mischief tho woooo!!

I have booked my whitsundays and frazer island trip as has french. We decided to go on separate boats because french wants to get lots of diving in. I will be on a huuugggeee boat with stevie and we will all meet up again to do frazer island. A week today i will be sailing around the barrier reef seeing some of the most amazing island in the world, feels a little bit mental! lol.

Cairns is cool, french and i decided to have a couple of quiet days and save some money before hitting whitsundays frazer and byron. Everything is shut today, well most things as it is good friday booooooo. Cairns is very nice, very picturesque and a huuuuggggeee change from sydney, the hostel is amazing its just like a hotel its crazy!!!!

Love you heaps and miss you always hehe



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