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cancun beach

surfing mexico!

main temple chichen itza

where's wally again!

remains of temple

thousand columns


outside church, no wedding bells b4 anyone asks!


Ola amigos! We have arrived in sunny mexico! In Cancun at the moment, have been here for a couple of days. It's v hot and humid but the place seems nice. We are stopping in the town center cancun, which is about 15 mins from the zona hotelra, the strip of land that most package holiday makers see! And we tell you it's a world away too! There are not really many tourists here, this is where the locals live! However they have been really friendly and everything is much cheeper than the other cancun! James has got me drinking corona coz it's only 75p a bottle! We went to the beach yesterday and paddled in the Carribean Sea. However the waves were only fit for surfing, so we could not go swimming as the life guards told us off! The cultural differance has been a shock! That plan to learn Spanish while we had time seems like an excelent idea now, just wish we'd done it! We have managed ok so far. James had a little blip when he ordered a mixed grill in a restauant and ended up eating a club sandwich!

Today we went out to Chichen Itza, some Mayan Ruins around 2000 years old. They were pretty amazing, the central pyramid was huge. We could't climb it though which was a real bummer! We did get to see loads of iguanas though, I named them all Eddie after a dear iguana I knew!!

Only bad thing at mo is that my legs look like a dot to dot! The mozzies are evil!

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