Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Approaching the Minster

Arch int he medieval wall

Constantine statue

Me and my handsome warrior friend

York wall

Outside of the Minster

Minster close up

Minster close up 2

Susanne and me infront of Constantine

Sceneray in York from the wall

Met up with Susanne and Andy at York's train station early in the morning. We dropped our bags off at the luggage storage and said bye to Andy. We walked over to the Minster which is a HUGE cathedral.

We lucked out since it was so early that we got in and walked around for free. There is atleast 12 alters in there. We heard a choir practicing in one area. Outside was a statue of Constantine.

We walked around the old medieval city wall and then made our way over to the York Dungeons. Since it was still early and it just opened we waited to see other people walk in first. Also, the place looked really scary and dark inside. And I'm a big wimp. We walked down to the gift shop sign. Susanne stepped inside but couldn't see anything. We heard a creeking noise and we both bolted down the street laughing. Susanne somehow hurt her leg in the process so that made us laugh even more.

We finally saw a couple walk into the plac and we followed them in. (This was after about 40 minutes of us trying to get courage to walk in). The couple decided not to go in but we finally paid up. I asked the girl if it was like a haunted house and if people would jump out at us. She didn't really give me a straight answer.

Walked through this door into a dark hallway. After about 10 feet I was ready to turn around and go back out haha. We made it past the first corner where a rope said to wait there. That made me nervous. The door flung open and a guy all dressed up came through. Susanne said to him "Nervous dispositions, please turn it down!" Hahaha..that only made him play it up more.

We slowly made our way through the plague area, past the vampires, into King Arthur's era and a room full of mirrors were we just went in circles. It turned out to be a really cool place once we got over our initial fears. However I was scared the entire time. I wont lie. would never have made it through!

We spent hours trying to find Pound world to buy some cheap snacks for the train ride to London. The streets are like mazes here. Hopped on the train to London after picking up our bags.

We arrived into London's King Cross station. Overwhelming at first with people everywhere. We had to get to the underground to take the tube over to Victoria station where our hostel was. We arrived during rush hour, probably not the best.

Following the directions given to us by the hostel we found our hostel after walking a few blocks. Our hostel was really nice but after climbing one set of stairs we realized we were on the other side of the hostel and had to go all the way back down with our huge backpacks only to go up a different set of stairs. Our room ws nice with 2 bunk beds and our own shower.

After a slight detour we found out where our bus for the Wales trip would be picking us up in the morning. Ate at a restaurant nearby and then back to the hostel to get some sleep before our Wales trip.

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