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The road to the Four Seasons RV park began as we passed over the Rogue River as it met the Pacific. We pulled into the Park and quickly realized we should have booked a longer stay. After we got settled, I made my way back into Wedderburn, OR. It's a town just North of Gold Beach and it's the place where my Great Uncles owned and ran a sportsman's camp. The original structure is long gone, along with Uncles Bill and Joe, but I did find a man at the Wedderburn Store who knew Uncle Bill. He said that when he was a kid, he remembers going fishing with his Dad and Uncle Bill. I checked around some and found out the spot where the camp used to be. The original structure was destroyed during the 1964 flood and now the spot is filled with Condos just west of the Josts Hotel.

We got up early on the 25th and took a 80 mile jet boat ride up river to just above the town of Agnes. My Mom remembers doing the same thing over 40 years ago - although I'm sure the boats where a bit different then. The river and it's banks are usually teaming with wild life, but the heat kept most of the animals hidden in the shade of the forest. We did see several Osprey and their nests high in the trees. We even caught a glimpse of a Bald Eagle. The boat ride was alot of fun and a bit wet at times but much appreciated in the heat.

The Rogue River is absolutely breath taking. I can see why my Uncles settled here. I'm sure it was a bit different in the late 1930's.....alot more rugged! My Grandma Sophie and Grandpa Clyde used to make trips up from L.A. to visit and pick berries. My Grandma Sophie made some of the best jams and pies. My Mom and Dad brought me along back when I was 3 years old. Wish I had made it back sooner! Wish we had stayed a few more days!

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