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So here we are in the lovely Alice Springs.

From the airport, we took a free shuttle bus to our hostel, got settled in and went in to town. There are many many didge shops here and I really had to hold myself back as we were starving and agreed that we needed to eat before entering any didge shop, (especially because didge playing can be draning). We wondered around and found the local grocery store and bought some food and felt better. There are many indigenouse people here and they are clearly less privelidged, which is a little heart breaking. Some have art work which I plan to buy, whether they did it or not.

After feeling good again, we ventured in to a didge shop that caught my eye, there had been a guy playing when we walked by earlier. Marianne finished eating on the bench outside and I went in. After two minutes of browsing, I realised that I was in the great Garry Cannell's shop, (he is a very well known didge player and one of my fav's). I didn't do much playing at first, I let him do all the talking and playing; He is really really good. After playing all of the didges and finding two that were special but easy to walk away from, I was heading towards the front door. I realised that there wwere still some up front that I had missed because I had been talking to Gary, I played them and was readdy to walk away until I spotted one in the corner onm the back of the rack. It didn't look hugely appealing to me, ie: didn't totally fit what my eye was looking for but then I played it. It was love at first blow!! This didge had huge bass and holds the overtones so so so beautifully but it had no price tag. I knew it had been there for a while as it had dust and a few webs on the bottom of it; I used this to my advantage. In the end, I walked out of there with it and a bag for it at a wicked price as well two of Garry's CD's, signed of course. Later that evening, I played the didge and Marianne thought it sounded amazing and thought that I was playing all new sounds and rhythms but it was just the sound of this specific didge. I was playing all my usual stuff but the overtones and the over all feel of this didge just makes sound so different. I'm in love!!

Today, we will hopefully hold some baby joeys at the 'roo rescue ctr. and plan out uluru, rent some bicycles. It's nice to plan and havce our own agenda.

Tomorrow we will head to Uluru for two days, it's going to be great!!

Gotta go,

more later.

Note to Liesl and Charolatte: We will send presents today for birthday and for 'just because'. :)

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