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More Dolphins

More Dolphins

More Dolphins

More Dolphins

Doubtful at Sunrise

Doubtful after sunrise

Doubtful at sunrise again

Sunrise above the sound was great. The sun rising slowly over the mist and wisp of clouds, surrounded by looming cliff walls, totally silent except for the few brave souls who got out of bed to snap pictures.

Later in the morning, we ran into a pod of Dolphins in water. They love playing in the wake of the boat and were very happy to cruise along side us for a while, jumping in and out of the waves and spouting water.

After we disembarked and took the water shuttle back to the car, we discovered that sand flies like to follow you home. Neat.

Drove from Manapouri to Queenstown and then onto Wanaka. The amount of road kill on the way between Manipouri and Wanaka is amazing. We decided to change the city motto again to "Queenstown - sorry, we are out of that but we do have road kill".

Had a very special LOTR moment and listened to the theme song from Return of the Kings as we rounded the lake and approached The Remarkables [the mountains. that stood on for some mountains near Lothlorien]. The lake actually was in the movie too but I am not sure where. Anyway, trust me it was very Tolkein ala Jackson and slightly moving.

The drive to Wanaka was fine, most of it we had seen before as it takes you through a great deal of wine country and past some sheep.

Wanaka itself is an agreeable town. Not a lot of tourists and very low key; a very Kiwi summer holiday destination. The get a lot of business in winter as there are quite near two ski fields. So, with a quick tour of the town, we plopped ourselves down at the Wanaka Motel. I popped on over to the bottle shop next to the bar, grabbed and empty 2 liter bottle and filled it up with beer from the bar keg.....only NZD8.50 [that's about $6.00] The Wanaka Hotel is one of the cheapest places in town, which means that it is crawling with backpackers and has not had a face lift since it was built in 1962. The drunk, frolicking 20 year olds did make for some amusing viewing but at 2AM, they were a bit noisy.

Ate dinner at a place called Relishes. Nice food but it was one of those restaurants that tries too many things on one plate and it never works. Example - Rib-Eye steak on a bed of caramelized onions, caraway and cumin seed potatoes, pesto and sherried mushroom sauce with a feta cheese encrusted gilled tomato. I know, sounded good on the menu but....................

Went back to the fantastically thin walled room [how do they get that paper to look like solid wood? I bet it's imported from decommissioned pensions in Paris!] .

Tomorrow we are off to Fox Glacier for some Ice Climbing...............

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