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A monkey in front of Sikandra's Tomb

What have you done for YOUR wife lately?

Here we are at the Taj Mahal

Ann Touches the Taj Mahal

Side Tower of the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal at sunrise, from the rooftop of our guest house

Itiman-Ud-Daulah, Tomb of Mizra Ghiyas Beg, the Baby Taj

White marble with inlaid vase, Itimad-Ud-Daulah

Mosque at Itimad-Ud-Daulah

Ann at the entrance to the Agra Fort

Moat surrounding the Agra Fort

An archway inside the Agra Fort

Gardens inside the Agra Fort

Agra Fort Wall seen through broken marble lattice

Hello All,

We are now in Pushkar relaxing and we have finally found a reasonable Internet cafe that has both speed and USB ports. Yeah! So, since our last entry the big news is that we saw the Taj Mahal!!! So beautiful!! What devotion to a man's wife!! And what true love!! We also saw the Agra Fort which is still used today by the Indian Army. This fort was even more impressive than the Red Fort in Dehli! This fort was a combo of fort and palace. There is a real moat surrounding it and a throne inside that we got to sit on. The palace was so incredibly beautiful and just enormous. Brad commented that no where in the rest of the world are these types of grand palaces being built today! We also went to another tomb known as the Baby Taj. Not quite as grand in scale but without the hoards of tourists so quite peaceful. We really enjoyed our stay in Agra. The area where we stayed was closed to cars and only auto-rickshaws and bicycle-rickshaws were allowed in. We met an English girl, Natasha, at the Taj who also stayed at our hotel so we had our first Kingfisher beers with her. We watched the sunrise over the Taj from the rooftop terrace of our hotel, cold but impressive. By the way, our hotel only cost $5.55US!

We got a late start leaving Agra yesterday so we spent the night in Jaipur. I was having a tough time of it so we ordered Pizza Hut to our room. Nice! Only $4.80US for a medium pizza with mushrooms! I just needed some comfort food. Some more random thoughts on India: It's cold here!! It's been getting down to about 41 degrees F at night! I've been wearing all my layers and looking forward to going a little further south. (Hope you don't tire of the same outfits in all our pictures.) The food really is delicious. I especially like the fried eggplant. But I've been having a hard time not eating with my left hand. That is considered the unclean hand used for doing unclean things. Brad however has mastered tearing the naan bread with only his right fingers. Agra has loads of urban monkeys. They just run around and jump from building to building. The driving really is crazy!! I think that there are force fields protecting the cars from hitting each other. Really they come within centimeters of each other. In fact, the cars fold in their side mirrors so as not to get hit. (Why bother with putting them on the Indian model cars in the first place?!) The horn is really an amazing tool. The trucks all have painted signs on them asking to "Horn Please" then the truck will move over to make room for a car to pass. Our driver has 3 different sounds of horns on his car. The camel is a very regal looking animal. The ox walks around looking downtrodden while the camel holds its head up and struts while it carries loads behind it. Surely Steven Spielberg had the camel in mind when he made some of his Star Wars creatures.

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