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Air Egypt at Cairo International (STOCK PHOTO)

The Sphynx and pyramid at Giza

The Sphynx

The Sphynx at Sunset

Light Show at Giza

Storys in Light at Giza

The Great Sphynx with cusom light

The Great Pyramid at Giza

The Great Pyramid at Giza bathed in light

Giza Pyramid

The Sphynx head painted with light

Lazer light at the Great Pyramid

The Great Sphynx with custom light

The haunting eyes of the Great Sphynx


Sphynx and pyramid at Giza

The flight was uneventful after the late takeoff. There was no drama like the Air India flight last summer. It was clean, well run and featured good service. We arrived in Cairo at 5 pm. We deplaned in the middle of the tarmac and boarded a bus to the terminal. We went inside and were met by our travel rep - Mohammed. We soon found out that Mohammed was a very popular name - our Egyptologist and driver are also named Mohammed. He had flowers for Kim. He got money exchanged and the visa stamp for us. He then walked us through immigration. He waited and got our bags and walked us through customs. He got us to the van and gave some information about Cairo as we drove in. We went over the travel plan in detail. He told me that I would have to go to the light show tonight, because on Sunday it would not be done in English. They rotate three shows a night each with a different language.

I did not feel jet lagged and told him that I wanted to go tonight. He made phone calls to set up my trip that night to the light show at Giza. The trip to Giza was eventful in that the arrangements had been somewhat complex. I met another guide at the hotel and half way there, I traded him in for a third guide. All of this was better than having to hire a cab and not be sure of how this would work out. The show was good and I got some good photos. I returned to the motel and worked on downloading pictures and got to bed.

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