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Replica of Zane Grey Cabin

Everything went like clockwork this morning. The engine started right up, the slides came in and the jacks came up without a problem. The first shutdown was perfect. Tom came to drive the rig to storage and Kathy, his wife , was to follow in their car so I wouldn't have to drive him back to the park ( my car is loaded and I doubt there was room for him to sit). Tom put the key in the ignition - nothing. He tried again and it made a funny noise but started so off we went.

Tom parked in my assigned spot at the covered RV place and then he and Kathy went back home. I started doing my thing for final shutdown and once again the engine would not start to get the steps up. I was on the verge of panic wondering what had suddenly happened to this very reliable coach. I went to the office to see if Mark, the manager had any suggestions. He said that a mobile RV guy was on his way to fix another problem and he would send him to me first. Sure enough in five minutes there was Don, the RV repairman. He came in, checked battery readings, sat in the driver's seat and noticed immediately that a switch that shouldn't have been in the on position on the dash board had been turned on. He turned off the switch , put the key in the ignition and the engine started up like a champ. Don't think I'll move again on April Fool's Day.

I waved goodbye to my home and headed north on AZ87 - a spectacular drive. I could feel the stress ebbing as I gazed out at the beautiful scenery. As soon as I arrived in Payson I went to the Rim Country Museum and Zane Grey Cabin . They are closed on Tuesdays. The cabin is a replica of the original that burned down in the Dude Fire of 1990. Some contents were saved - mostly books.

Zane Grey's real first name is Pearl. He was a dentist from Zanesville, Ohio who only studied dentistry to please his father. Baseball ( he played for the University of Pennsylvania) and adventure was what he really enjoyed. After he visited this part of Arizona to hunt and fish, he built a cabin on the Mogollon Rim (mug-ee-yun). He based most of his "fiction based on fact" western novels on the experiences he had here and in other parts of the west.

Today is a day I would not like to repeat. But all's well that ends well and I am safely on my way to having my own adventures.

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