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I had a wonderful day spending time with Owen and Colin at The Monarch eating wings and watching football. The chef is amazing and his take on food whether it is duck confit or chicken wings is unique and so tasty. There is a delicious twist to every dish - for example - he makes "drunken bread" which is french onion soup without the broth - sounds strange right? - it's fabulous! Today I had dill pickle wings - finger licking good!

My flight was to have taken off at 9:45 pm so at 7:15 Owen drove me to O'Hare. I had checked flight info before leaving the house and everything was on time. I kissed Owen goodbye, went to check my bag, and that is when I found out that the plane wouldn't leave until midnight - mechanical trouble. Yes, I am grateful they fixed it but I could have watched Downton Abbey.

The story gets better - half of the people - no kidding- were on the same flight I was on last Thursday night/Friday morning. The buzz was all about the screaming baby. Guess who showed up? That's right - the screaming baby. Momma must have gotta some advice however, because baby wasn't nearly as bad .

The plane touched down at 3:30 am Arizona time. I paid for parking in the terminal to save time, picked up my bag and walked to my car. Everybody who didn't pay inside got free parking because the gates were on the fritz due to the record cold weather - 29 degrees! When they saw that I had paid I got a "thank you" - no refund.

I arrived home without incident, went to turn on my water from the outside source ( as instructed by MJ and John) - no water - frozen solid. Thought I would leave a slow drip going to prevent problems but by the time I got into the coach that wasn't possible. The sun beats on that side of the coach in the morning . I left a faucet open so I am sure I'll hear the water running when the pipe thaws.

It's been quite a day. Despite the trials and tribulations, I sure am glad I went to Chicago to share in Colin's wonderful accomplishment - his dream come true. Why - I don't know - he works constantly - but he loves it - he's happy - -- so I am happy for him.

Good night/ good morning.

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