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Birds of O'Reilly's

We have traveled north from Newcastle in a car owned and operated by our Australian friends Carol and Allan. We met them in India when we were touring there two years ago. They generously invited us to travel with them in Australia. We are of course very grateful for the opportunity.

We have been able to visit O'Reilly's retreat in the Great Dividing Range, where we had colorful local birds tapping on our windows; the showcase Crocoseum of the Australia Zoo, founded by the "Crocodile Hunter" the late Steve Irwin; Glass House and other National Parks; and colorful small communities difficult to access by bus or train.

We have walked beaches, historic sites including light houses, forest tracks, and a rain forest canopy trail.

We have seen rock kangaroos, wallabies, and many birds including a bower bird made famous by famed naturalist David Attenborough.

We have seen much of the countryside from farms to mountains and tree plantations to untouched rain forest.

Our friends grew up in the countryside we are traveling. We are hearing wonderful stories that help us understand what we are seeing.

I hope we will be able to show them a bit of our Pacific Northwest in the near future. I promise not to use the word crikey.

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