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Yesterday we moved our rig to Malibu Beach RV Park. Our site sits on a hill overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway and the ocean. It is a breathtaking view, but so far I'm not sold that the view is worth the extra cost. This is our most expensive park yet we have no sewer only water and electric. Of course we knew that going in so it was not a surprise. The most aggravating thing so far is the lack of wifi. They advertised wifi throughout the park, but we have none. When we asked, we first were told they were waiting on parts. The next time we were told they had tried to work on the antenna the day before, but the guy next to the antenna didn't want the I convenience of having them work behind his rig. So they quit working on it and are waiting for him to leave...on Friday...the same day we leave. I haven't figured out how one guy's inconvenience for a few hours turns into all of our inconvenience for four days...oh, but we're welcome to hike down the hill to TV room where the wifi is working great and then back up the hill with laptop in hand. Really????

Today we had tickets to the taping of a sitcom we had never heard of. Apparently this is the second season for Sullivan and Son on TBS. Since this seems to be one of very few shows currently taping, we decided to go for it. We needed to be at Warner Bros. at 1:30pm. We left early enough to have lunch at Bob's Big Boy. We had passed this restaurant a couple of times in the past few weeks. As a matter of fact, it is across the street from Mo's Restaurant where we had dinner with David Alley on Sunday.

Growing up in the Dallas area, we had a restaurant called Kips Big Boy which was affiliated with Bob's, but has now gone under. As soon as I saw the sign and iconic Big Boy statue I realized how much I missed Kips and got an immediate craving for a Big Boy sandwich. It did not disappoint although it did have an added sauce that was ketchup based that I do not remember from the original. We had still had plenty of time so I ordered a small hot fudge sundae as this too was a favorite at Kips. It was wonderful even if I couldn't finish it all.

We got to Gate 3 at Warner Bros. with 10 minutes to spare and parked in the parking garage. It turned out the gathering place for the audience was on the ground floor of the parking garage. Here we had our IDs checked and hand stamped. We were sent across the street where we went thru the first security check. We had to stand for quite awhile outside while people took a final bathroom break then finally headed across another street in groups of 10 to clear the second security check.In the line I realized the majority of people were college age. They looked much younger...more like high schoolers, but since you had to be 18 to get tickets, I guessed college.

The second security check was bogged down because these youngsters did not know how to follow directions or written instructions. It was clearly stated online that cellphones, cameras, and backpacks would not be allowed. Since we didn't bring any of that, we got thru the check point relatively quickly.

Once we were all seated we met our host and cheerleader. His job is to get the audience revved up and laughing before the actors come out. He told us he had give-aways (t-shirts, gift cards, and improv tickets)for the most enthusiastic audience members. The energy level grew.

I guess they thought a lot of us might never have seen Sullivan and Son so they showed an episode from last season. It set the scene and got us laughing. The show is centered around a bar a.k.a. Cheers but this is truly family owned. The older Sullivan is white played by an actor you would probably recognize when you saw him...just not necessarily by name. He is married to a woman from Korea who helped run the bar. They have 2 grown children. The beloved son, Steven, is a lawyer. The daughter, Susan, is a mom who does not get along with her mom. When the parents decided to retire,Steven stepped in, bought the bar and came home to run it at which point the parents decided to stay and help him.

These familial dynamics mix with the various characters who frequent the bar. There were quite a few non-PC moments and some language only allowed on cable. But over all it was a good show that had genuinely funny jokes. We were not told where to laugh but apparently we laughed in the right places. If we hadn't I understand they would have re-written the joke and played the scene over.

What was almost as entertaining were the breaks while they set the next scene. Our cheerleader came out and interacted with the crowd. In one scenario he found a guy who brought his wife to the taping for her birthday. Of course he got made fun of for being cheap since the tickets are free. Then he was suddenly dancing as part of a dance contest. He and his wife got t-shirts. Another break had a 6 year old as a dance contestant. (I have no idea what a 6 yr old was doing at this show. I think he, his sister and mom were guests of someone.) He actually was a pretty good dancer.

The group from Camp Pendleton got Improv tickets, but the cutest scenario that involved several breaks was when he found a 23 yr. old single guy there with his parents. When it was found out his last girlfriend dumped him at Disney World a year ago,the cheerleader went about finding him a date for the night. As I said this took several breaks, but it really kept us laughing at these cute kids playing along with the scenario. They got gift cards to Starbucks...some date!

The taping of the entire 9th episode of season 2 took 2 hours. I'm sure if they had had to re-write, etc. it would have taken longer. In the end, it was an enjoyable day and I might even try to watch an episode or 2 when I get home. Thursday nights on TBS we were told repeatedly.

From there were drove back to Malibu and had dinner with the Pacific Ocean crashing outside our window. We split an entree and still had too much to eat, but it was good. When we got back to our RV we were excited to see the wifi on...then not so excited as it drifts in and out and when it is on it is SLOW. Sigh...back to the TV room.

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