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Arrived in Miami

We've arrived in Miami, USA

Today is Saturday 19th July and we arrived in Miami yesterday evening.

We had a 15 hour travelling day, rising at 4am and eventually arriving at our airport hotel at about 7pm.

We had an interesting descent into the airport with a bit of rough air causing the plane to resemble a roller coaster for a while. This caused some of the younger and more nervous flyers a little concern and the crew received a spontaneous round of applause from the cabin when we eventually touched down.

We met a very nice border official and passed through immigration without a hitch.

Nigel's concerns about our brief visit to Los Angeles and almost immediate flight to Mexico not being recorded correctly on the USA immigration computers happily came to nothing.

The USA immigration service are quite rightly sensitive to people hopping over the border into Mexico to renew their "leave to stay" in the country.

We were prepared though with enough stamps in our passport and other documentation to show our travels outside Mexico if there had been a problem.

We're changing into shorts, picking up a hire car today and will be heading down to the Florida keys.

We're now touring Florida state until we fly to San Francisco on 9th August.

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