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Hello all,

We are in the beautiful town of Ubud on the glorious and fabled island of Bali. This is such a great place to chill out, an endless supply of cafe's, bars, boutique restaurants and art galleries and shops(I've read to many guide books).

We really landed on our feet staying at a hotel/home-stay owned and run by this amazing woman Oka (Yoko Ono lookalike). She insisted we stayed and let us stay for 11 pounds a night as we said that was our budget, it was supposed to be 20+. B&B, swimming pool (I'll come to that later), and she invited us to lunch which we had today and it was her own cooking and was delicious. We had 3 courses with coffee spiked with the local tipple arak. Oh and an arak cocktail for good measure. What's more we were waited on hand and foot, I felt like such an old fashioned impirialst from the empire days.

Now I get bored easily when people run on about themselves (like we all do) but Oka's life story is something else. What's more she could back it up, most info we found out about her was from a magazine article in Udud's monthly.

You know when you can tell when someone has a certain grace about them? Well she's only royal blood. The story read that she is the daughter of one of the King of Bali's four wives. Then I realised the pictures on the walls were not as I presumed her greeting dignitaries and distinguished guests at her hotel, it was the other way round! I didn't at first notice the guy in one picture bowing his head as she shook his had from on a platform. Amazing! On top of that the name of the hotel (I can't spell it) was thought up by Tarquin Olivier as in the son of Lawrence. Old friends!!

Oka, also runs an art business, clothes shop, beauty consultant and a puppet theater from the grounds of the hotel which we are yet to fully explore.

After lunch I asked Oka what she had planned for the rest of the day, without a battering of an eye-lid she turned and told us I'm going to Denpasar to give a presentation on make up for a company that I model for at 5pm. She then explains about the anti-aging products that she promotes and how she uses her skin to promote them. She is very white for an Indonesian, I don't know how old she is but I get the impression that she's older than she looks. I said "we are not holding you up are we it's 2.45!" "My driver will collect me."! Class.

Oh the pool; Oka said her pool was sick as the filter was obviously not working. It looks like pea soup. However this has not deterred Petrina who it seems is happy to be the crouton. Not me, someone needs to take a water sample to A&E hehe.

Much love C&P xx

Anyway must go. Much love C & P


A visit to the Monkey Forest and rice terraces were good fun today. We are a little stranded at the moment due to high winds. The ferries are not sailing and if we can't get to the Gili Islands or Lombok tomorrow we are going to have to spend sometime on the beach in Bali. It's terrible we know :)

Much love C & P xx

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