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9.30 am saw us put ourselbves and our luggage into Imads 8 seater van and off we went. Our day┬┤s travel took us through the Atlas mountains, forests of cedar and monkeys in the tops, vast plains of cultivation- apples mostly- more mountains and great gorges, all too vast to put into words. EventuALLY AROUND 6 WE STOPPED IN THE zIZ GORGE AT kASBA jURASSIQUE- AN ADOBE BUILT HOTEL OF MUD AND STRAW, WHERE WE RECEIVED A GREAT WELCOME FROM THE OWNER, ALONG WITH A TRAY OF MINT TEA AND ASSORTED NUTS. ( have just managed to work out how to turn off the capitals!). Our DBB cots us 25 E each- a real bargain. Nice large rooms on the terrace and the view from the window is of the high orange cliffs alongside the river- no sound but the rushing water and the occasional car. In the morning we watched as the sunlight gradually lit up the cliffs and turned them golden red, then we headed off to walk alongside the river, meeting an old woman leading hwer donkey to eat near the river. Dinner last night was bread, vegetables and rice, kofta meatballs in sauce, chicken tajine with prunes (yum), and finally fresh melon, grapoes and apples followed by Berber coffee- what more could you want (maybe a wine???).

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