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Halfway between Portland and Lewiston on Route 9 (i.e. in the middle of nowhere) we found Mount Bradbury State Park. Open campgrounds have been few and far between in Maine so we were excited. We scoped out the site closest to the bathroom as a potential spot to sleep that night and then headed toward Lewiston.

Lewiston was a bit of a disappointment. Not only did it pour all day, but the town was a depressing has-been. There was no "adorable" waterfront to redeem it, no cute coffee shops, restaurants or bars, only the scars of industry and sprawl. It took us forever to find Bates College. I can't imagine what these poor sods do besides study, so in that case I suppose it's good for that. We enjoyed our visit to the college art museum (for free) and spent a few hours there. It was of course still pouring when we left, so we were directed to the union for a cup of coffee. The "Bobcat Den" was small and quiet, a perfect dry place to hang out and plan our menu for our upcoming backpacking trip. We had a cheap late lunch there and begrudgingly went back into the rain.

The rain showed no signs of letting up so we decided another movie may be in order. We picked the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for two reasons: 1) Nate read the books and really enjoyed them (although he was suspicious of the film) and (more importantly) 2) We knew we'd see the new Star Wars trailer. We were rewarded with the trailer (YES!)and pleasantly surprised by the movie. Afterward we made our way back to Mount Bradbury State Park to read and spend the night in our hotel on wheels. The rain on the roof of the car was soothing, and we both slept very well.

We got up early the next morning, had a delicious breakfast at a diner in Yarmouth and headed back toward Portland for a horrendous shopping trip to get groceries for our time on the Appalachian Trail. We then grabbed some lunch at a kick ass burrito joint downtown, then said goodbye to Portland, Maine.

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