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Crossing the Daintree River via the car ferry



On the road up to the Cape


Lots of signs but no cassaworries

Going up the drive way to our little cabin

There it is

Decking outside our cabin - and the view is just amazing -...


Pool on the property

Now isn't this romantic



Snails pace over the speed humps

Thornton beach

view from lookout going up the hill towards cape tribulation

Thornton beach

Yes that is us - at Cape Tribulation

One of the locals out sunning himself

on the beach at Cape Trib



There are som many different types of fungi in the rain forest








Spot the cane toad

This is a green ant nest. If you lick their bums it...




Well I put the photos up ages ago but just have not had the time to write anything. Bit hard to write now as it seems so long ago. And I will put some more photos up that I didn't get the time to do before so make sure you check them out!!

Let's see ..... I worked on the Sunday morning from 5 till 10.30am then Ken picked me up, we raced back to the van for a quick change and pack the car then off we drove. First stop was Port Douglas where we had a wander around the markets then had some lunch at the bakery. Then we continued the drive up to the Daintree. The only way up to Cape Tribulation is across the Daintree River and the only way to cross the River is via the car ferry. Having been on the cruise a short while ago (when Brittany was here) we now knew that even though the river looked so lovely and peaceful it hid quite a few very large crocodiles.

Once over the river we drove up the windy road up into the forest till we came to the turnoff for our little cottage. We drove up the long drive to the house where we were greeted by 3 very large dogs and 2 lovely people - Gwian and Nicky. They showed us up to our cute little cottage - quite small and basic but lovingly decked out. And the view was awesome!! I went off for a walk through their property following the creek bed up with one of the dogs for company. We then enjoyed the view from our balcony helped by a glass or two of wine.

Next day we went exploring up to the cape stopping off at Cow Bay for a coffee and a quick look, then to Thornton's beach and finally up to Cape Tribulation beach where we enjoyed a picnic lunch. It is all a bit weird where you have these gorgeous beaches but there are also little waterways flowing in to the ocean with signs telling you to beware of the crocodiles. Didn't seem to stop anyone from swimming though.

After lunch we then went to the Cooper Creek Wilderness Centre where we went on a 3 hour guided walk through the rain forest. This was just amazing!!! This is virgin rain forest with trees and vegetation dating back hundreds of years and our guide was so knowledgeable. Really enjoyed this walk as it was not all touristy.

Next day first of all we had a look at Kimberley beach then Ken drove back up the windy road up the hill so that I could have a yummy hand made icecream made from black sappote fruit - YUM - and to have a coffee. We then headed back down the hill stopping off in Port Douglas for a burger at the Ironbar Pub then home again to our little Pumpkin. A lovely weekend - but nice to get back home again.

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