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On "The Beach"

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Walking in the Footsteps of "The Beach"

We spent a couple of days in Bangkok after coming from the north. We were planning on checking out some of the cities along the way but the frustration of the bus station had us opt for an overnight train to Bangkok instead. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us) April 12-15th was the Thai New Year, known as the Songkran Festival. It's basically an excuse for Thais and foreigners alike to walk around spraying each other with water guns and rubbing some sort of floury paste all over everyone. Mayhem at its best!! Basically we were confined to the room unless you felt like getting soaked and covered in paste. We probably would have been more inclined to jump into the festivities but we have just started our pre-fast, and after almost 9 months of travelling are beginning to wear down. I should explain our fast in more detail....

Starting tomorrow we will be at this place for 11 days: http://www.atsumihealing.com/ During that time we will be fasting which will include basically drinking water, herbal teas, a vegetable broth in the morning and taking vitamin and pro-biotic supplements. We will also be detoxing which will include some hydro-colon enemas, some parasite zapping and some liver flushes. Sound like fun yet?? Wait it gets better... We will also be getting daily massages, some Yoga workouts and taking in some relaxation time in the herbal steam rooms.

Here's the not so fun part....aside from not eating for ten days. In order to prepare our bodies for the fast and detox we have started a pre-fast. It started last week by cutting out meat, dairy and eggs. Let me tell you...that sucks. Especially since I (Darren) eat 3 square meals of meat a day and sometimes have bacon for dessert!! Three days ago we cut out everything but fresh fruits and vegetables. Trying to do this while travelling is extremely difficult and exhausting. Needless to say, our mental and spiritual sides are starting to feel the cramps similar to that of our stomaches from the hunger pains. We will also be doing a post-fast, which will include more fruits and veggies ( Oh Yeah!!!!) But I digress from our travels......

We left Bangkok and headed for the southern coastal city of Krabi. We opted not to head out to the full moon party (since we can't drink anyways on this fast) and instead went out to the isolated Ao Nang Beach. We spent a couple of nights here taking in the ridiculously warm waters of Cave Beach while soaking up some sun.

We left Ao Nang and headed to the world famous Koh Phi Phi islands ( http://www.joy.it/google/images/thebeach.jpg), famous for a couple of reasons. First, it is hearalded as one of the finest snorkelling and diving areas in the world due to the marine life and amazing visibility. Second, it is home to Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Ley island, film location of "The Beach" staring Leonardo Dicaprio. And third, it was one of the many islands that lay at the mercy of the tsunami that rolled through the Indian Ocean on December 26th, 2004.

On our second day there we took a boat/snorkelling trip out to various islands and beaches. On the itinerary was idylic Bamboo Island, Tanya's favourite Monkey Beach, and the famed Maya Bay. I've included pictures from all of these places for you to view....including ones of us trying to look like Leonardo Dicaprio at Maya Bay here: http://jurgenfauth.com/wp-content/uploads/beach2.jpg

We left the islands reluctantly after looking a darker shade of brown and took the ferry to Phuket where we currently are now. In fact we're staying in the hotel (On On Hotel) used in the filming for "The Beach" before Leonardo gets the secret map and decides to find the mysterical island life.

There you have it. We're tanned. We've seen cool islands and beaches. And we're hungry. It's like a backpackers dream come true!!!

Have a burger and a beer for us......just not too many to make us jealous!!

D and T

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