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a close encounter with a wild dingo

Lake Wabby with its sand dune shore

attempting to make a group pyramid!

Dave and Damian cooking our first meal

all the girls, from left Neve, Shinade, Sandra, Nicola, Linda and me

all the guys, from left Dave, Damian, Joe, Shamus and James

sunset on the first night

the whole group with our trusty 4x4! Not really it had a...

a few to drink on the first night, well on the way!

oooppppsss! a few too many!

sunrise on day 2

the only way to travel!

the M1, on 75 mile beach

floating down eli creek

the maheno wreck

on top of the world at indian head

looking for tiger sharks in the bay, we saw a huge one...

james and damian doing the dishes

at the champagne pools

another beach party!

at Lake McKenzie

James wanted a new body!!

having a paddle

Vik Hislops shark encounter

a real great white shark in the freezer!!!

Hey guys, now to tell you about our Island adventure. For the past 3 days we have been roughing it on the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island, which is a half hour boat ride off Hervey bay on the East coast.

We took a self drive package, which means we joined up with 9 others and got our own 4x4 van and drove around the island ourselves. You can't tackle it in any other vechicle as all the tracks and the island is one great big sand dune!

We met up with our team the night before, we were travelling with 8 irish and a guy from Surrey, and what a good crack we had. They were all really nice and we got on well.

We set off with James driving first, and he loved it! We were on the island about 3 mins before one of the other trucks got stuck, it gave us great confidence! But there was no time to dig them out so we blasted past them laughing and cheering and headed deep into the island forest! James fancied himself as a rally driver and did some pretty good steering. The track was really demanding at times, with deep sand and huge holes but we didn't get stuck and made it to the other side on to 75 mile beach.

This beach turned out to be the equivelent of the M1, and was just as busy! Apart from it also had planes landing on it too! You even had to look into the sky every so often to make sure a plane wasn't gonna land on you! Anyway James delivered us safely to our first camping spot on the beach and we all set up camp, had dinner and then walked to Lake Wabby about 3km away.

You can't swim in the sea here as the island is a breeding ground for Tiger sharks, which are man eaters and can grow 17ft! They also come right into shore and we even saw one swimming in the waves about 5m out as we walked on shore!

So you had to swim in the fresh water lakes on the island. Lake Wabby was glorious in the baking heat with a huge sand dune on its banks, that was great for running down and diving into the water! We stayed there a good few hours before heading back to camp to cook tea.

On the way back we ran into a wild dingo that run free on the island. We were shown a safety vidoe before we went coz the dingos have attacked and killed at least 2 kids here, but we were fine and thought they looked quite cute actually!!!

We had a barbie that night and a few tinnies before ligging out to look at the stars. The beer was needed as we would never have got to sleep on the sand with out it!

The next day we were up early, way too hot to stay in the tent! and headed off up the beach to see the sights. We past Eli creek, which was glorious and you could float down the stream back to the beach. It was ice cold water and it was fantastic!!

Next we pasted the wreck of a ship that had been beached in a storm in 1935 and then headed up to Indian point to hunt for sharks!

Indian point is a huge rock face that looks down into the sea and just happenes to be the best place for spotting tiger sharks. We were up there only two mins before we saw a massive shark swimming in the break, then we saw two baby sharks and some stingrays. it was awesome but definatly reminded you to stay out of the sea!!!

We carried on walking up the beach to champagne pools, some natural rock pools big enough to swim in but safe from the sharks! They were nice for a cool dip, but on the way there is when we saw the shark about 5m of shore. Scary when you think you woul;d only be up to your waist in the water there!

That night we set up camp on the beach and had a beach party. James got excelent comments for his cheffing skills and we played some great drinking games.

On the final day we headed back inland to Lake McKenzie an wow what a sight. The water here was the cleanest I have ever seen, you could probably even drink it (but we didn't!). Such a refreshing break from the heat of the sun, and there wasn't a stone or rock in the lake just smooth sand all the way for you feet, excellent man!

And as a bonus to the trip we even saw dolphins while we were on the boat on the way home!

Back in Hervey bay on the mainland we had a whole day to chill and had been told about a really cheesy but worthwhile museum in town called shark encounter!

So we went and is was pretty cheesy but it had some great stuff in it. It was put together by a guy called Vic Hislop, who is famous in Oz as the shark hunter. He has dedicated his life to catching killer sharks, maily the great white and the tiger and some of the photos were fantastic. He used to go around Oz answering calles from worried beach goers after shark attacks and hunt the shark, obvioulsy he doesn't do it now as they are a protected species but he believes the sharks are way more dangerous than the goverment is letting on and there is a big conspiracy to hide the number of reported shark attacks on the ozzie coast so tourism isn't affected! He does put accross some pretty convincing evidence and has a map showing the number of people who have dissapearded in calm waters with no trace, and believe me theres a lot! Quite scary was the fact that alot of these happened around the gold coast where me and james were swimming only days ago!

Anyway the coolest thing in his museum, and I mean literally, was a real great white shark that he has frozen and stored in a huge freezer. There are glass windows so you can look in and the shark is huge, about 6m, with his mouth open and his teeth on full display. To see a real one so close, even frozen was scary, they are mean looking and my whole waist could have fitted in his mouth! We took photos but they didn't come out too well coz the flash reflected off the windows but we have put one on anyway just so you can see a real shark!

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