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lovely bridge

Over flowing lock

Grape vines

Almshouses 1


Inside Chapel

Chapel 3

We rose 30'4" today over 4 locks. Some hard work on a few of the lock gates, and a very stiff swing bridge in the middle of one of the locks.

Someone had forgotten to follow the instructions at this lock and didn't leave the lock empty - the gates are leaking so badly it just keeps filling up, so was overflowing.

We spotted some grape vines growing on the side of the hill just before a lock.

After we had tied up etc. we wandered over to the outskirts of the village of Froxfield where there are some old almshouses. A very simple chapel sits in the centre of a square of housing with neatly mown lawns.

We then called into the Pelican for "'alf a" and then called it a day as it was nearly 5pm. A lovely sunny day so very enjoyable.

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