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Coming out of the Holland tunnel.

Going into the city.

The Dakota building, where John Lennon lived and died.

Going into Central Park.

Yoko gave tha park Millions to develope this area.

This is at the center of that area.

The Lake or green pond is what New Yorkers call it.

It's actual name is The Lake.

You can ride through the park if you like.

They have street lights at the x-walks, but bikers do not stop.

Lots of art for sale.

Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Plaza Hotel.

Looking down 5th ave.

Crusing down 5th ave.


Typical side street.


Of course ther was this place.

Trump Tower.

Getting ready for a concert in Times square.

Obviously some phone convention.

A walking statue of liberty.

ABC studio.


Heading to Times Square.

Times Square.

Theater row on Broadway.

Empire State Building from a distance.

Where the first 2 Madison Square Gardens were located.

FlatIron building.

It is New York. Nude body painting is legal.

Greenwich Village,Bleeker St. shopping and restaurants.

Columbus Park.

Jackie Kennedy O'Nasis building.

Columbus Park.

Construction everywhere.

Do not remember.

Walking to the cathedral

St Patricks Cathedral.

Had funerals for JFK, Babe Ruth, Vince Lombardi and Joe Dimaggio.

Largest Neo-Gothic Catholic church in America.

It was as impressive as any we seen in Italy, short of...

Self explanatory.

Where the x-mas tree and skating rink are in winter.

Rockefeller Tower.

The Bull on Wall Street.

The beast shots we could get.

Heading back through the Holland Tunnel.

There is so much to see in NYC and we are short on time so we decided on a bus tour of the city. We did a lot of drive byes and made several stops at some of the sights. There are masses of people everywhere, both locals and tourists. Our driver maneuvered through a lot of other buses, double parked delivery trucks and a sea of yellow cabs. He had the patience of a saint. We on the other hand held our breath many times. We only saw one accident, a guy in his Audi tried to go around the right side of a bus. He did not make it.

The pictures give you an idea of what we saw. Hard to describe otherwise.

When we were leaving the city Via the Holland Tunnel, it was bumper to bumper, stop and go all the way to Jersey city. Passengers were asking how long till we get back. The driver would only say...."It depends...we have to go through The Holland Tunnel".

It was fun and exciting. We will probably never be back. We are definitely not big city people.

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